For Tesla Model 3 / HY Model Speedometer Instrument Digital Display Digital Multimedia Stunning Beauty New 2021


  1. Tesla Model 3 and Y lack a feature that many drivers would like. A more convenient instrument panel located above the steering wheel.
  2. > Safety driving, keep your eyes ahead, avoid the danger of drivers looking down at the dashboard.
  3. > Plug and Play, Easy to install, no need to cut or modify wires.
  4. > Display Information:
  5. Charging status: Prepare charge, Charging, Charge Complete, Stop Charge, Lack electricity. Power charge and output status
  6. Direction light High beam / low beam Car mode Power status Gear status ODO data Speed Speed limit Total Mileage Autobrake Turn Signal Range reminder KM / H & MPH Switch freely
    > Real-time Alarms: Over-Speed, Power Level, Battery Charging Status
For Tesla Model 3For Tesla Model Y
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