high-quality astaxanthin 10% powder


excellent astaxanthin 10% powder

What is Astaxanthin?

Astaxanthin is an incredible cancer prevention agent that it is multiple times more fit than different carotenoids, so it is useful in

cardiovascular, insusceptible, provocative and neurodegenerative sicknesses. It likewise crosses the blood-cerebrum hindrance, which makes it

accessible to the eye, cerebrum and focal sensory system to mitigate oxidative pressure that adds to visual.

Item Function

1. With the capacity of normal food pigment,Astaxanthin has rich dietary benefit and great shading impact.

2. Astaxanthin has superb oxidation opposing movement, as far as free revolutionary searching action is multiple times higher than the regular VE.

3. Astaxanthin can forestall arteriosclerosis and relative sicknesses.

4. Astaxanthin can be utilized as anticancer movement to fortify the elements of insusceptible framework.

5. Upgrade the soundness of focal sensory system.

6. Increase energy digestion of creature.

Item Application

1. Applied in food field, it is basically utilized as food added substances for shade and medical services.

2. Applied in drug field, it is basically used to forestall malignant growth and hostile to oxidant.

3. Put on in superficial field, it is basically used to Antioxidant and UV insurance

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