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Choose the right headset as per your taste in music – Noise

[ad_1] Often in pursuing your headset related needs, you factor in a lot of variables; ranging from in-ear or over the ear design, wired or wireless, waterproof or just splash resistant, to microphone integrated or not. However the foremost productivity you can derive from your headset, is uninterrupted, immersive music. It wouldn’t do you well […]

Fromaggio counter top home cheese maker machine

[ad_1] Fromaggio is a new countertop cheese maker that allows you to make your very own specialized cheeses from the comfort of your own home. Thanks to a successful Kickstarter campaign the Fromaggio cheesemaker is now available to preorder and comes complete with its own smartphone companion application enabling you to monitor your cheese making […]

Lumina Fat Iron “irons off” fat, saggy skin, stretch marks and more

[ad_1] After a successful Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign the unique Fat Iron has now transitioned to Indiegogo InDemand, providing a second chance for those that didn’t take advantage of the discounted prices on the original campaign. Launched via Indiegogo the campaign has already raised over $1,00,000 thanks to over 7, 000 backers. Pledges are now available […]

3 essential smart watches to get – Noise

[ad_1] Integrating fashion with function, our selection of smart watches is designed to complement your daily lifestyle. This essential accessory has slowly moved from the ‘want’, to ‘need’ category of wearables, for an increasing number of people. With the ability to turn your purchase into your personal style statement; equal attention has been given to […]

Mudra Band gesture control Apple Watch Band

[ad_1] Mudra Band lets you control your Apple watch using subtle finger movements, and supports discrete, continuous, and air-touch interactions. Early bird pledges are available from $139 offering a 44% savings off the recommended price. – Discrete gestures are individual finger movements – such as a single finger moving, or the soft tap of a […]
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