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You Can Buy Camouflaged Car Cover for the Audi e-tron GT

[ad_1] When Audi first started teasing the e-tron GT, it wore a sort of red and black digitalized camouflage. It actually looked pretty cool, which makes sense considering the camo was developed by Audi and used for promotional purposes. Obviously, once the car actually debuted, Audi dropped the camo. However, if you liked the camo […]

SofabatonX1 smart home entertainment universal remote

[ad_1] The SofabatonX1 universal remote has been specifically designed to provide an easy way for you to control all your home entertainment devices from a single controller. The system consists of a wireless hub, Android and iOS companion application and of course the universal remote. The all in one smart remote-control has been designed to […]

Best Cheap Skateboards With Street Cred

[ad_1] Some of the earliest skateboards go back to the ’50s when surfers wanted to find a way to “surf” on the sidewalk. Those early boards were very basic and were often built by attaching roller blades to flat wooden boards. As interest started to spread, skateboard companies started popping up overnight to create better […]

This Week’s $70 Grocery Shopping (Kroger & ALDI)

[ad_1] Published: by Crystal Paine on August 30, 2021  |  This post may contain affiliate links. Read my disclosure policy here. We had parfaits for breakfast one morning — using closeout cereal, yogurt I’d gotten with the Kroger digital deal, and some chocolate chips from Aldi. Yum! Kierstyn and I have been having lunch every day in […]

FREE 8×10″ Print at Walgreens w/ Free Same-Day Pickup

[ad_1] Decorating your home? Use Walgreens photo coupons to personalize your space! It’s so easy to score free or cheap Walgreens photo items just by using a coupon code! Even better, most stores will have your items ready in less than two hours. Sweet! Through September 4th, head to Walgreens where they’re offering a TON […]

Celebrating 20 Years of Saving You Money!

[ad_1] By Kiran on August 30, 2021 Our Story Consumers first always, that’s our commitment, and we’ve been saying it for 20 years. This mission began when our founder Brad Wilson, a broke college student, couldn’t believe the outrageous prices at his university bookstore. Thinking there had to be a smarter way, he did the […]

Luminate aims to make hair loss from chemotherapy a thing of the past – TechCrunch

[ad_1] Hair loss resulting from chemotherapy is one of the most recognizable side effects in all of medicine, and for many is an unwanted public announcement of their condition and treatment. Luminate Medical may have a solution in a medical wearable that prevents the chemical cocktail from tainting hair follicles, preventing the worst of the […]

Ulta’s 21 Days of Beauty Will Keep You Glowing Straight Into Fall

[ad_1] Beauty aficionados, ready your caboodles. Ulta’s 21 Days of Beauty Sale is here with three weeks of covetable cosmetics, soothing skincare specials and tantalizing tools – for cheap! Shop Ulta Beauty When Is Ulta’s 21 Days of Beauty Sale in 2021, and What’s on Sale? Ulta’s 21 Days of Beauty fall sale started Aug. 29 […]
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