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Make Sure Time Is On Your Side

How do you know when it’s the perfect time to buy an Audi? The market can change and the desirability of certain brands will go up and down over time. However, if you’re buying from a dealership, then one of the best ways to try to get a price reduction is to wait until the end of the sales quarter. Salespeople are trying to hit their quotas by the end of those sales periods and might be willing to reduce the price a touch for you.

Get Yourself a Better Loan

The sticker price on the car isn’t the only thing that determines how much you will be paying for it. This is also determined why the loan agreement you have. The longer you’re paying a loan, the more you’re paying. This also goes for higher interest. Working to get your credit down can help, but it’s important to shop around for the right loan. Don’t take the offer from the dealership. See what’s offered locally as well as online through firms like New Roads Auto Loans. Usually, the first loan offer that comes your way isn’t going to be the best so do your homework.

Using That Silver Tongue

Think you have the gift of the gab? Well, you might be able to use that to make sure you’re getting a fair price on any Audi that you’re buying. It’s worth noting that dealers typically have more wiggle room on used cars but, as Dave Ramsey shows, there’s still some flex when buying new as well. Typically, negotiating means coming in with plenty of information on the market prices of the car in question. Be patient and don’t rush to any decisions. Playing the cautious game over time can make it more likely the dealer will meet you half-way. You can always pay cash, too, if you have enough of it lying around.

Consider Used (With a Difference)

One of the easiest ways to knock a chunk off the asking price of a car is to go with a used model instead. However, if you’re a little uncertain about the used market, then you might want to consider certified pre-owned cars from licensed dealers. Usually, these dealers have to follow specific guidelines from the manufacturers to make sure that they’re selling cars of the right quality, even if they have been owned before.

Getting the Audi you want at the price you want will depend on a few factors: timing, your credit, and your ability to negotiate. If you can’t wait until all these ducks are in order, then you might have a hard time finding any wiggle room.

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