Is Someone Invading Your Privacy?


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    An Irish family decided to take a trip down to Athens, Greece, from their home in Dublin. Following the trend, they booked an Airbnb luxury villa in Athens so they could stay a few days at their destination. Upon arrival, they settled into the villa with their kids and got ready for a peaceful sleep the night after the journey.

This is when a rare incident struck them. The son of the family started noticing some unusual devices around the property. When the mother looked closely she found that the device was a camera. Immediately, they started looking all over the house, and to their surprise, they found a camera in every room on the property including the bathrooms. 

Unfortunately, this is not an unprecedented occurrence. Several other travellers around the world have found hidden cameras and audio recording devices in their accommodations. With spy cameras and mini GPS trackers being available online, crooks and other perpetrators now have the means to conveniently spy on people. 

Getting to know what today’s spy cameras can look like has become imperative. The growing number of incidences where spy cameras, microphones, GPS trackers were found in hotel rooms, homes, cars, and rented apartments have made this a pressing issue. Therefore, protecting yourself from such intrusions to your privacy is important, only then you will have peaceful and relaxing stay out of station or anywhere you stay.

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    As you all probably know, companies design cameras that look like everyday objects, like smoke detectors, switchboards, and clothes hooks. If you find wires in unexpected places or wires that don’t seem to go anywhere, please follow the wire as it might lead to a tiny camcorder recording your movements. 

Small lights that are barely noticeable but still visible might be a camera.  Objects like cloth hooks will have a small pinhole camera placed somewhere within them. You might be able to notice a tiny hole, which might be a camcorder. Objects that you feel like doesn’t belong in the room can also be a disguising a camera. Oddly placed mirrors and decorations might be hiding a spy camera. 

Therefore, if you are worried about your privacy being targeted at a hotel room or at any place you are staying, you should be ready to search the room thoroughly because camera disguises can surprise you. 


    How to Tell If You Are Being Watched?

    If you are thinking you would need to invest in some fancy equipment to detect these devices it is not true. Your smartphone and your cognitive skills are enough to identify whether a room is bugged. If you are planning to stay at a hotel or a rented apartment it is always safe to check for hidden cameras in the room to protect your privacy. But, most often there is no need to worry because a hotel room or a rented accommodation being bugged is rare. 

    Follow these instructions to check for hidden cameras and other spyware:

  1. Use your smartphone

The technology hiding in your smartphone can be a savior in these instances. First, do a simple check around the room with your camera app open. Turn off the lights in the room and go around with your primary camera scanning the room. If you see a bright white light through the camera, stop and inspect. It may be a hidden camera. 

By doing this you are trying to find infrared lights that are emitted by night vision cameras that can be detected by your smartphone and not by your naked eyes. Some android phones have primary cameras that filter out infrared radiation. If that is the case with your phone you can try using your front camera. Make sure you point your smartphone at the ceiling, vents, even power outlets.

  1. Check your WiFi Network

If the hidden camera is live-streaming a video, you may be able to see it on the local Wi-Fi network. Software like Nmap for computers or apps like Fing for iOS and Android devices will scan the Wi-Fi network your computer or smartphone is connected to and help you find Wi-Fi cameras. 

  1. Use  hidden camera detector apps

There are several hidden camera detector apps for android and iOS devices that can be easily installed on your smartphone. Apps like Radarbot, Detectify, Glint Finder helps you easily detect a hidden camera in the places you plan to stay. 

  1. Get a hidden camera detector/ hidden camera finder

A professional quality hidden camera detector is easier to use and more effective. If you don’t mind spending some money, you can get one for just under $15. Professional detectors offer two methods of finding a spy camera. They can either detect the glint from the lens of the spyware or they identify RF broadcasts from a wireless camera. 

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