Which Is Better For Your Home Entertainment?


Projector or TV, which one is better for your home entertainment? Isn’t this one of the most common questions that come to mind when you’re thinking of building a home theatre? However, it’s a no-brainer that the display screen size or image quality will impact your decision when it comes to choosing between a projector and TV.


To come to a conclusion, it is essential to consider different aspects such as audio, compatibility with other devices, image clarity and many more. Since both of them have perks and setbacks, taking these factors into consideration will help you decide as to which one is better for you.

So, let’s delve into the pros and cons of a projector and TV with respect to four vital factors that will help you make the best decision.

1.      Image Quality/ Resolution:  

Choosing between a projector and TV isn’t just about the screen size, rather one factor that holds the utmost importance is the image quality. Or to put it in simpler terms, the resolution of the device. The more the resolution, the better is the image quality. And since recent TVs are mostly engineered with HDR technology, which is one specification that separates projectors from TV, its resolution is mostly high.


Also, a typical full HD TV has a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels but now the market is ruled by 4K TVs. These 4K TVs come with a resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels. On the other hand, the projector still comes with a resolution of 1080P even though it can play a 4K video. So, in this aspect, the recent TVs score a high point over the projector.


Nevertheless, if you want to enjoy movies or games on a larger screen, almost 4x times bigger than a TV, then a projector would be the best option. With a projector, you can cast an image up to 300 feet diagonally that is way more than a 65-inch full HD or UHD TV. Besides, you can view even the little details that might slip out of your vision when you’re watching anything on a TV. Needless to say, in terms of image quality, recent TVs are much better than projectors.


2.      Audio: Just as the Image quality is a crucial factor to decide a between projector and TV, the audio system is also an option to consider. While the recent TV models have stereo speakers embedded in the system, the projectors come with mono speakers. Comparing the audio system of both the devices, the only takeaway is that for building a great home entertainment unit or home theatre, you must invest in a superior quality soundbar.


Although the projector’s audio system is good enough for watching YouTube videos, yet it lacks a lot of sound effects. In contrast to projectors, TVs have in-built speakers and are likely to offer more bass, treble, and sound effects. However, at a higher volume, the sound starts to distort. Hence, we would suggest you get an audio system for whichever device you’re using.


3.      Compatibility:

 Talking of image quality and audio system, the projector and the TV are almost at par with each other. But there is another aspect that was previously lacking in TVs and now it has been included in LED, LCD, and Smart/Android TVs. This attribute is none other than compatibility with other devices. Well, the presence of USB ports, HDMI port, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and Google Assistant in the gen-new TVs not only connect it to other devices but also brings the whole world at your finger’s click. This technical aspect gives the TVs an edge over projectors.


Since projectors don’t have many of these technical features, it can be said these aren’t as compatible with other devices as a TV is. But these days some models of projectors have Wi-Fi and Bluetooth compatibility. So, if you’re planning to entertain yourself with live streams, Netflix, and other such OTT platforms, you can either go for a Smart TV or Wi-Fi-enabled projector.


4.      Price and Portability:

Here are two factors where a projector surpasses a TV – price, and portability. Well, if you’re planning to go for a big screen but have a set budget, then a projector would be the best option. A decent HD or Laser projector goes up to $1000 whereas an 80-inch HD or OLED TV would cost you around $1500 approximately.


Besides price, the portability of the device also matters. A TV will give you a tough time when moving it whereas a projector will rock your weekend movie time out in the garden or anywhere indoors. You just need a convenient spot for projectors.  So, coupling price and portability, we would say projectors are a better option compared to TVs.


Now that you have garnered some clues regarding the perks and setbacks of projector and TVs, you must also know about the type of projectors and TVs that are currently available. Well, on the market, today, projectors have emerged in a great way from analog to DLP and LCD ones.

DLP or Digital Light Processing projectors use tiny mirrors to reflect the light on the screen and are perfect for business conferences, home theatre, and video games. On the other hand, LCD or Liquid Crystal Display projectors are small and transfer light instead of reflection. This projector uses 3 panels. Each panel represents one color and the fourth panel improves the quality of color.

Moreover, this LCD panel receives an electric signal and this signal issues a command to arrange the rays in pixels. Since 3 images form simultaneously, all three are combined in a prism to form the final image that you see. This is how an LCD projector works!


Apart from these two types, there are projectors, which are categorized based on their integrated features and size. That means you’ll find wireless, laser, and mini/portable projectors as well. The wireless projector comes with a Wi-Fi card that helps it to connect or create a wireless network with other devices. Some are wireless laser (LCD) projectors. Besides, you will even find mini/portable projectors. Even though most projectors are portable, yet mini ones are compact and can fit in any space. Plus, it is perfect to carry along for trips.

Nevertheless, the bottom line is that TVs have a technical edge over the projectors. So, if you ask, between a projector and a TV, which one is better for your home entertainment, then TV is the champion according to us. But if you’re keen on getting a big screen and only want to watch movies and TV shows, then a projector is worth it. They are quite capable of completing your home theatre set, offering you an amazing viewing experience. Plus, these are cheaper than TVs. You can hardly notice the image quality unless you go into details or you’re watching 4K videos.

Having said that, it all depends on one’s preferences, liking and requirements.

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