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Audi remains a significant brand in the global luxury car market, known for its unique Quattro all-wheel-drive style system, well-crafted interiors, and performance. Audi is still famous in the U.S., recording about 224,111 sales in the country in 2019. You can make several upgrades to whatever Audi model you own to improve its aesthetic value and performance.

What specific upgrades can you make to improve your vehicle? Take a look at these options…

1) Spark plugs

Many automobile experts agree that your vehicle’s spark plugs can slow your car down if you fail to replace or upgrade when necessary. Blown or misfiring plugs will cause an inconsistent mixture of fuel and air. As you already know, air and fuel are vital ingredients that combine to propel your car, so replace your spark plugs when you are due for an upgrade. Better spark plugs will increase your engine’s combustion, resulting in more horsepower, lower emissions, and better fuel economy. Spark plugs are durable components that won’t need replacement very often, but experts think you are due for an upgrade about every 30,000 to 90,000 miles. Consequently, it would be best to replace your spark plugs after the recommended mileage to prolong your vehicle’s life.

2) Change your wheels and tires

Wheel and tire changes are an easy way to upgrade your Audi. Tires are arguably the most significant part of your car because they determine everything from how successfully you negotiate curves to allowing your brakes to function. Aside from outright tire damage that requires instant replacement, other factors like time can also necessitate wheel and tire changes. Old and worn-out tires will have less grip on the road and delay your stopping motion.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, vehicles with worn-out tires are three times more likely to crash. As such, some experts recommend changing your tires every five to ten years for safety reasons. Tread depth is another factor that determines whether or not you are due for a tire change. New tires typically have between 9/32 and 11/32 of the original tread material. Experts say you should replace your tires when your tread depth reaches below 4/32 because smooth tires are dangerous and illegal. Therefore, check out some wheels and tyres packages to choose your vehicle’s best fit to keep you safe while driving and improve your car’s look.

3) Intercooler

Engines are typically hot, and those with turbochargers are even hotter. Turbochargers bring some power to your driving experience by improving your engine’s efficiency. However, your turbocharger requires cooling because it emits a lot of hot compressed air that lowers your engine’s power output over time. Therefore, consider upgrading your Audi’s intercooler to improve your engine’s performance.

An intercooler will reduce air temperature, making the air available to your engine colder and denser. Dense cold air is suitable for your engine because it is less likely to detonate and makes your engine work less, spin slower, and compress less air to boost your vehicle. Upgrading your turbocharged Audi’s intercooler will improve its horsepower, create safer operating temperatures, and improve your vehicle’s performance. Consequently, consider upgrading your car’s intercooler to boost your engine’s performance and make your vehicle more efficient.

4) Rear-seat entertainment systems

It would be best to consider adding or upgrading your Audi’s rear-seat entertainment, especially if you have a large family. Frequent long journeys and road trips can become boring for your kids in the backseat, making the drive stressful and unbearable for all. However, by installing back seat entertainment, you can transform an “Are we there yet?” journey into a long, silent affair that benefits all parties.

These systems come with USB ports and SD slots that can play several digital media files, so your kids will be occupied with their favorite movies, series, music, etc. Some overhead monitors even pack FM modulator systems that can broadcast the audio signals from the rear screens over radio station frequencies if all occupants want in on the entertainment. Backseat monitor upgrades make trips in your Audi more entertaining.

5) Add a performance exhaust

Exhaust systems are a frequently overlooked part for many car owners during upgrades and maintenance. However, many automobile experts advise that having a properly functioning exhaust system is crucial to every car working at optimal performance.

Upgrading to a performance exhaust will give your vehicle extra power by improving exhaust flow out of your engine. This improves your engine’s efficiency by releasing more horsepower and torque and boosting the effectiveness of other connected systems. Also, you will enjoy increased fuel economy with a performance exhaust upgrade. Increased torque means you will require less throttle to maintain any speed, therefore burning less fuel while driving. Upgrading your exhaust also refines your engine’s sound as you shift gears and accelerate.

6) Suspension

Your car’s suspension is composed of shock absorbers and springs crucial to its functioning, as they maximize the friction between the road and your tires. This improved friction is what allows for stable steering and better handling. As such, an ineffective suspension system decreases your control behind the wheel and increases your chances of crashing.

An improved suspension system also provides comfort for your passengers, maintains dynamic wheel alignment, and provides consistent handling and braking. Therefore, upgrade your car’s suspension by installing anti-roll bars or sway bars. Several automobile experts recommend strut tower braces to reduce structural stress on your vehicle and improve your chassis stiffness, optimizing it for cornering tasks. You can also upgrade your air suspension and add coil-overs to your Audi to enhance its suspension for the best results.

These are just a few things you can do upgrade your Audi. Implemnting these upgrades and help improve performance and overall comfort while driving your vehicle.

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