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Buying electronic products in bulk for your small business involves risking your money and your goodwill. Choose the best dealers with good reviews to ensure the quality of your retail products.


Are you trying to buy electronics in bulk for your new business? Or do you want to buy computers in wholesale for your employees? Well, buying electronics in bulk requires a trusted dealer where you won’t have to risk your money.

Here is a list of wholesale electronic distributors that you can consider if you are looking to buy cheap electronic items in wholesale. 

Central Point Europe

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Central Point Europe is an international company headquartered in Slovakia, Europe. It is both a wholesaler and distributor specializing in consumer electronics, phone accessories and home appliances. They have a global reach in up to 45 countries. 

The enterprise has partnered with DHL Express Shipping for easy delivery all over Europe and can deliver desired goods or products within a day’s time. Therefore, if you are a businessman looking for a supplier, you will not have to worry about logistics, warehousing and shipping as Central point Europe will cover all these aspects for you. 

Apart from mobile phones and home appliances it also sells consumer electronics and gadgets like Go Pro cameras, game consoles etc. The company’s website always has an updated list of gadgets in the market and constantly optimizes them for its customers in an effort to increase sales.



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 hails from the famous Shenzhen area of China. This metropolis is famous for being the electronics capital of China. Chinabrands can be termed as a one stop shop for all your wholesale electronic needs. It is a general category website that covers more than a dozen of categories including electronics and gadgets. 

This online website always has a large stock of all the products in its inventory. Another advantage is that the company has no minimum order quantity. Therefore, you can always choose to buy one product, by paying the wholesale price, to give it a trial run before risking your money and buying products in bulk. 


Kiko Wholesale Group

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KiKo Wholesale Group is based in New York, USA. It is a supplier, wholesaler, and manufacturer of cell phone accessories, mobile phones, electronics, and other electronics with a special focus on cellphone accessories. According to the company, it offers a large selection of items including cellphone accessories, heavy duty cases, earphone, charger, Bluetooth headset speaker, tempered glass, belt clip pouch, and many more products. 

Kiko’s mission is to provide the prices way lower then most typical wholesale suppliers or distributors. However, do note that the company has a minimum order amount of $100 for dropship or wholesale members.    

If you want to check out the special prices for wholesale buyers, you need to create an account as a wholesaler. Most of the orders are approved and shipped within 24 hours. There is a free shipping option available for orders above $500.



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 is one among the leading Chinese electronics and gadgets wholesale platform. Both Gearbest and Chinabrands is a subsidiary of the Global egrow company, located in the electronics capital Shenzhen. Chinabrands is a professional b2b wholesale platform while Gearbest is more of a business to consumer enterprise, especially suited for small business.

If you browse through the Gearbest website, it offers a comprehensive catalogue of products. Shopping wholesale products will require you to create an account for a wholesale buyer. After creating the account, choose the necessary items. You can select the number of products you want and either pay instantly via Paypal or transfer money through the local banking system. There are also discounts each week offered by Gearbest on electronics. 



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 claims to be “the world’s leading online marketplace for wholesale consumer products.” It is a b2b e-commerce marketplace  that facilitates buying and selling of products in bulk globally by providing secure payment services, logistics solutions, escrow protection services, and internet financing. 

Dhgate has a list of over 40 million different products in different categories. They independently verify seller identities and business history and constantly monitor their behaviour to make its marketplace more safe and trustworthy. 


Duna Electronics

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Duna Electronics
 is one of the leading European wholesalers of sim free, never locked, European specific mobile phones, tablets, accessories and wearables. The company specializes in selling trusted and well-known brands such as, Samsung, Apple, Microsoft, Nokia, Huawei, Sony, Lenovo, Alcatel, LG and Blackberry. The firm’s products are sold globally to a variety of business enterprises including distributors, wholesalers, retailers, institutions, public procurements, service providers, projects, mobile operators, rental and end user companies.

The company can provide next day deliveries for small and large purchases. If products need to be serviced, customers can take them to local service centers. If there is no local center available, then the goods can be shipped back to headquarters, and are then returned to the manufacturers. 



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 focuses on cross-border export e-commerce and is committed to select top suppliers and optimize quality goods. It is a part of Chinavasion Wholesale Limited Company. The company started as an electronics hub for serving both B2C and B2B customers and Chinese suppliers. Its main source of supply comes directly from high quality factories that also produce for the big brands such as Huawei and Xiaomi. 

Chinavasion is both a business to business and business to consumer platform as it features a large selection of electronics especially smartphones and smart watches. It also conducts comprehensive quality control where all products undergo supplier review, arrival inspection, after-sales feedback monitoring, and are tested to strict quality control standards. 



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If you are looking for a low cost option for a future bulk order
Megagoods is a website to consider. Megagoods is a dropshipper based in Los Angeles, California and has come a long way in electronics and video game items niche. This wholesale dropshipper specializes in consumer electronic and video game items with a specific concentration on drop ship and fulfillment services.  

Megagoods has products ranging from car accessories to kitchen gadgets. The website has a wide variety of options in every category if you ever want to buy from Megagoods. 



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 is one of the business to business enterprise offering consumer electronics and technical goods in Europe. Based in Germany with branches in Italy, France, Spain and Netherlands it has over 40 years of technical experience in selling consumer electronics and goods.

Difox has over 30,000 products in inventory and stocks the latest products, best-sellers along with a unique range of original and universal accessories. The company offers all products on immediate availability at a competitive price level with no minimum order amount. 


India Mart

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India Mart  is one of India’s largest online business to business marketplace for products and services operating since the year 1996. It is a popular marketplace that allows wholesale electronics distributors located in India to list their products. 

This platform is mainly for business buyers to discover products, services and contact details of suppliers. Its suppliers include Indian small and medium enterprises as well as large organizations, who are manufactures, wholesales, exporters and retailers.

This online marketplace has a wide range of products. Here you will find more than just electronic products. It has products ranging from heavy duty machinery to medical ventilators. India Mart is free to join. Additionally, representatives may contact you to set you up with other top wholesale electronics distributors in India. Things to Consider While Buying Electronics in Bulk:

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1. Trustworthy Dealer

You should be careful when you choose your dealer. There are plenty of online sites apart from the websites listed above which sell electronics in bulk. Always browse the website of every dealer before you choose one. Check reviews for every product posted by other buyers like you. Read through them to understand the quality of the product.

Also check up on their Facebook page and other social media pages for additional clarity. You could also contact buyers who have posted reviews of the products by commenting on them. This could help you get some additional reviews from buyers who have hands on experience with the electronics.

2. Test Run a Product

Before risking your money and buying a bulk order from a website buy one product and give it a test run to see if it is worth buying a large stock. If the product is subpar you can always select another dealer for your order. 

3. Check For Free Delivery Till Your Doorstep

Always have a check if a free delivery option is available. This will help you cut the transport costs and give you an additional profit margin for your goods. 

4. Keep An Eye Out For Discounts

There are many dealers who put up sales and discount offers online to increase sales. Don’t miss out on these sales as these can give you a good discount on your bulk order. These offers could range from free shipping to free sample products with the shipment. 

Buying any items from an online marketplace especially in bulk is very risky. The items may come damaged or it might not even be original products. If you are planning to sell these products in your retail shop, these fake products can affect your goodwill. Therefore, you should take the utmost care while selecting a dealer and choosing a product.

 We would recommend you go for a well-known dealer who is popular and has good reviews online. Dealers who have established a national and international marketplace are more trustworthy and will have a wide variety of products on their website. 

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