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Exciting times are upon us; Audi plans to add another vehicle to its range of SUV coupes. The Audi Q5 Sportback looks similar to the SUV that’s already on the market, the main difference being that it’s a little longer (7 millimeters). The boot compartment is also 40 liters less than the standard SUV.

What are the features of the new Audi Q5 Sportback?

Much of the technology is the same as in the existing Q5 model; there’s the MMI infotainment system, the OLED Taillights, a virtual cockpit, touch-screen, and safety systems such as the driver assist.

In addition to these features, the Audi Q5 Sportback includes sports suspension and (optional) adaptive air suspension. When driving at higher speed, the car’s body is lowered, which allows for improved handling and efficiency. There’s a button in the boot which will enable you to lower the axle at the rear, which makes loading stuff a whole lot easier.

The engine is set to be a 2.0-liter diesel engine (204hp) with 295lb ft of torque. One thing is for sure, drivers of this new vehicle sure won’t be disappointed!

What is the design of the new Audi Q5 Sportback?

The grille has a plastic mesh, which is slightly different from that of the existing Q5 vehicle. Autocar describes the vehicle as having a ‘Sportback-specific grille with a new honeycomb-style design.’ The Sportback has a tapered window at the rear and a sloping roofline. Consumers can also choose an optional set of ‘21in Sportback-specific alloy wheels.’ The rear bumper is also slightly different from the standard Q5, featuring special reflector strips and silver trim. According to Motor 1, ‘Audi will not offer the plug-in hybrid powertrain in Sportback form.’

What other SUV Coupes are in the Audi range?

Audi now has three SUVs in the range, including the e-Tron (Audi’s electric vehicle). Over the last year or so, electric vehicles have become increasingly popular; these are an excellent way to reduce your carbon footprint. Then there’s also the Q3 Sportback, which is considered slightly more attractive than the standard Q3. With plenty of gorgeous motors to choose from, Audi fans sure are spoilt for choice!

When can we expect to see the new Audi Q5 Sportback?

We can expect to see the first deliveries at the beginning of 2021, available for around $54,366. When you’re purchasing an Audi SUV, it’s advisable to find The Best Oil Company to source your SUV oil. Companies such as AMSOIL offer a wide range of synthetic oils and lubricants, which can extend the performance and life of your vehicle.

When you’re choosing a new vehicle it’s advisable to figure out your needs and your budget (before you commit to a purchase). Buying a car on finance may be more manageable than paying upfront. Finance options make it easier to create a budget along with your other monthly expenses. Audi dealers usually provide a generous range of finance options.

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