Noise makes the Femina Power Brands 2021 list


Emerging as a top connected lifestyle brand for the Indian consumer, Noise is honored to have been recognized on the prestigious list of the Femina Power Brands 2021.

Focused on delivering modern, customer-centric solutions across dynamic lifestyle needs; the home-grown brand believes in offering data driven design, with customer needs at its core.

Focused on offering creative, technology driven products at a sustainable range for the Indian consumer – innovative marketing, backed by home-grown ethos is what catapulted this Indian brand to make it big.

Power of the brand lies in Innovative design, premium finishes, unequivocal style and category first features have enabled it to gain the pole position in the market. Noise, to this day, has the largest and most active buoyant lifestyle community in the country.

Adopting methods of co-creation through product development and customer engagement, Noise co-founder Gaurav Khatri sheds light on gauging the nature and needs of the Indian customer and how their unique offering has helped the brand to achieve this prestigious accolade. “We have been implementing co-creation at various levels of brand interaction with our audiences from social media, user-generated suggestions and content, to frequent one-on-one offline and online interaction with the customers. We are extremely delighted on being a part of the distinguished Femina Power brands list and this has only made our motivation even stronger to create more intuitive premium products for our customers.” explains Gaurav.

The very brand value of channeling into your inner ‘Noise’ is what inspires the approach of co-creation, driven by customer feedback from multiple channels. Through this endeavor, Noise has steadily penetrated the wearable category with a flurry of premium products across both the watch and audio category.

Leading the Indian market in the wearable watch category in both 2Q and 3Q 2020, Noise has surfaced as the market leader. The ranking is based off the number of unit shipments across both quarters, as per the report released by IDC (International Data Corporation).

Capturing a market share of 25.6% through 2Q 2020 (April-June); Noise widened its audience by acquiring 28.5% market share by the end of 3Q 2020 (July-September).

Cementing its place as an industry leader, Noise has established a firm grip on the Indian wearable watch market amidst a financially crippling pandemic – a true testament to the exciting future that lies ahead.

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