Personalise your music with the Noise Buds Solo


Fulfilling the desire for constant, clear and immersive audio, the Noise Buds Solo is your everyday lifestyle ANC earphone. Living up to diverse consumer demands, get personalised sound that keeps up with your daily hustle. Whether you are on the go, binging content at home or tending to essential work calls, the truly wireless earbuds deliver consistent audio through it all.

The Buds Solo feature Hybrid Active Noise Cancellation with a triple-mic system to amplify your listening experience, by channelling out external sound. Fuelled by Hyper SyncTM technology, unleash 36 hours of total runtime and enjoy various smart additions such as in-ear detection and a transparency mode.

Made for everyday

Built for individuals living an on-the-go lifestyle, the Buds Solo’s ergonomic design and premium aesthetics are backed by immense everyday application, through dynamic daily needs.

It’s secure and lightweight, in-ear design; along with three differently sized ear-tips offer the perfect fit for prolonged audio sessions.

Sound sans distraction

Hybrid ANC technology in the earbuds, employs a triple mic system in order to eliminate the noise, both inside and outside the ears – creating sound that is crisp and immersive.

On-the-go work calls or long conversations on the phone can be seamlessly managed with the help of the third microphone, which focuses on isolating the sound of your voice for perfect clarity.

Music at its purest

Whether you engage in long binging sessions or prefer rapidly streaming music, the Buds Solo is the ideal companion.

Featuring TWS technology, the earbuds are powered by a 10 mm speaker-driver, offering precision audio with deep bass and authentic sound across all lifestyle needs.

A day of music and then some

Packing a total of 36 hours of runtime, you can get up to 7 hours of play on a single charge from the wireless earbuds.

The portable charging case provides over a full day of additional power for extended usage. In ANC mode, you can get 5 hours of immersive listening on a single charge.

Never miss out

Intuitively designed auto in-ear detection can play/pause music whenever you put-on or take-off the Buds Solo.

The transparency mode enables outside sound to enter your ears when the earbuds are on, for maximum situational awareness. Such smart features propel its everyday usability and application.

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