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Water proof gear, often outlives its non water resistant counterpart. Able to withstand the adversities of the elements, such technology can elevate your lifestyle by offering smart application across several frontiers.

From being able to shower with your earbuds on, to tracing your fitness via a smartwatch during a swim – wet workout gear, bridges the gap between convenience and practicality. Do not let moisture dampen your spirits, or your smart wearables; sustain a venture into the rain, and the splashes and dunking during a full blown pool party, with the following waterproof smart wearables from Noise.

NoiseFit Fusion
waterproof fusion

High on style and resistant to water, the NoiseFit Fusion can sustain your fitness ambitions along with offering immense personalization. Available in rose gold, vintage brown and classic black, you can choose the dial and strap of your preference – while being assured that your wearable will not be tainted by moisture.

With a 5ATM rating, the hybrid smartwatch can withstand being submerged for brief intervals. Similarly, splashes and a slight drizzle do not affect its performance or aesthetic.

Noise Vibe 5W

Waterproof Vibe

Organize a get together with friends and tune into your favorite musicians, while grooving on the Noise Vibe 5W. Whether you plan an at-home spa day, organize a pool party or attend a rain dance, the IPX7 water resistance ensures that this Bluetooth speaker never misses a beat.

Fuelled by a 5-watt speaker that delivers deep and powerful sound, you can brighten up any friendly gathering. Furthermore, with the ability to pair multiple Vibe 5W’s to each other, you can set a bigger stage for your parties by syncing multiple playlists with TWS dual connectivity.

Noise Shots XO
Waterproof XO

Providing the best in class when it comes to design, connectivity, battery and water resistance, the Shots XO is the all-round performer. Whether you prefer turning into a rock artist in the shower, or enjoy listening to some laid back blues music when soaking in the tub, the IPX7 rating on the Shots XO allows you such liberties, and then some more.

Enduring submersion for approximately 20 to 30 minutes, you can even swim a few laps across the pool. Precision design, bold appeal and robust hardware ensure that you have a premium, truly wireless earbuds experience.

NoiseFit Evolve
Waterproof Evolve Smartwatch

Combining raw, classic watch sensibilities, with modern technology and futuristic application, this water proof smartwatch with a round dial, AMOLED screen and an IP68 rating, is the perfect combination of need and good looks.

Making heads turn, the NoiseFit Evolve is water, sweat and dust resistant, ensuring your device can outlast the elements, never losing its appeal or function. Ever in vogue, it can act as a great workout assistant with 9 sports modes to make use of. Backed by a 3-day battery life; plan a trek to the mountains or head to that amusement park, since freak weather or constant splashes won’t dampen its operation.

Shots X5 Pro
Waterproof X5 Pro

To enjoy clear, bold audio backed by that punch of bass you so crave, the Shots X5 Pro is your companion through long, immersive musical sessions. Backed by an incredible 150 hour battery life and IPX7 water resistance rating – never take your Bluetooth earbuds off. Whether you are showering, commuting to work or cooking, you can stay tuned-in to your favorite artists.

Its integrated 6 mm graphene speaker driver delivers Hi-Fi Audio with Qualcomm aptXTM, capable of producing pulsating bass and soothing treble. User friendly touch controls, facilitate hands-free usage for uninterrupted music during runs in the rain, work out at the gym or while steaming it up at the sauna.

ColorFit Nav
Waterproof Nav

This active smartwatch with built-in GPS and a 6-axis sensor is oriented to your fitness needs and lifestyle requirements. 3D motion tracking on the ColorFit Nav enables real time updates on speed and distance covered, during sweaty runs and intense cycling trips.

With its IP68 rating, dust and splashes are always at bay on the GPS smartwatch. Even a quick dunk in the pool or getting caught in heavy rain will not hamper performance. Designed to assist you through a range of exercises, its 10 sports modes can track your routine, giving you detailed reports on performance.

Nor do you have to be bogged down by unexpected rain, neither do you have to constantly wipe the sweat off your face during exercise; with such waterproof smart gear, you can live every moment care free – commencing the year with a splash.

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