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While you might be used to safe driving guides for poor weather conditions like the snow or rain, driving in the summertime isn’t free of risks either. Prepare for the rides ahead in your Audi, even when you are staying close to home during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Getting Out of the House during the Coronavirus Summer

As businesses and parts start to re-open this summer, you and your family might want to go for short outings to get out of the house. The kids might be bored, especially now if they are on summer vacation.

Rather than taking public transit, driving your Audi provides a lower risk of catching the coronavirus. If you happen to be someone who has an ignition interlock device in your Audi, then abide by the regulations; seek a reputable lawyer if you face an ignition interlock violation.

Be sure to stay safe when stepping out of the car, too. If there are many people around at your destination who are not from your household, then wear a mask.

Continue to social distance at a six-foot radius and carry hand sanitizer with you in case soap and water are not conveniently available. Consider keeping a travel bottle of hand sanitizer in the car’s middle console for you and the family to use when needed.

Keep the Fluids Topped Up

As the weather can quickly heat up, be sure to maintain the proper level of fluids in your Audi. Specifically, top up your coolant (antifreeze) to the level shown if you have not done so lately.

The coolant protects the aluminum parts under the hood and keeps the engine from overheating. If you notice that the reservoir is rusty, replace it right away.

Also, check on the motor oil level as part of proper maintenance. Change the oil at the interval indicated in your Audi manual, and top it up as necessary. Get in the habit of checking the oil at least once per month.

While you’re under the hood, look at the battery to check if there is any noticeable corrosion. If you have had it for 3-5 years, then it is getting close to replacement time.

While it might not rain during your summer outings, the Audi windshield might get dusty and dirty while on your summer road trip. Top up the washer fluid so that you can clean the windshield and maintain good visibility, which helps keep you and your passengers safe. If the wipers are getting worn, replace those too.

Pack Allergy Pills

Sneezing at the wheel is not fun, so if you know that your hay fever is going to kick in, then be sure to pack your allergy medication. Bear in mind that some tablets may cause drowsiness and affect your ability to drive.

In this case, always check the medication label and ask a pharmacist or your doctor if it’s okay to drive soon after taking the dosage. If the answer is no, then avoid taking it or get someone else to take the wheel.

What are your top tips for road trips during the summer season? Share your thoughts via comments below!

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