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Acknowledging the diverse consumer appetite, and their need for high-tech simplicity, the ColorFit Pro 3, captures the current market mood. Meticulously designed to apply practical application across several lifestyle needs, this smartwatch supplements your daily hustle. Top it off with immense personalization to flaunt your sense of style; the ColorFit Pro 3 is an essential smart wearable for the current generation.

Regardless of your way of life, such an accessory can elevate your routine, for improved output and increased efficiency.  Your ‘quest for the best’ has led you to the all-round smartwatch to satiate all your needs.

Best for health freaks
Fitness Watch for Health Freaks

Bolster your path to good health with a number of useful features on the Pro 3. It’s all new SpO2 monitor can track your blood oxygen levels. Make note of sudden dips in blood oxygen and take proactive action early.

A 24/7 HR monitor provides round the clock metrics on your maximum and minimum heart rate, along with alerts upon exceeding the limit. To further your constant OCD, you can set customized reminders for hydration, washing hands and abstaining from sedentary habits.  

Best for wellness gurus
Colorfit Pro 3 Fitness Smartwatch

Designed for early risers who can’t skip the daily urge for some morning yoga, or meditative deep breathing; the Pro 3 comes with an integrated Breathe Mode to take you through your early-day ritual. Manage your stress levels, via its stress monitor and indulge in some guided breathing sessions to revitalize your mind.

Obsessed with getting those precious 8 hours of sleep? Get updates on your nightly sleep quality and monitor your sleep patterns by syncing on the NoiseFit app. Ensure you get optimal daily sleep and stay energized the whole day.

Best for workout junkies
Workout Junkies

Your most trusted workout assistant, the ColorFit Pro 3 has an activity tracker to monitor progress across a number of training regimes. The 14 dedicated sports modes, supplemented by auto sport recognition and a smart running partner, can automatically track several forms of workout.

Regardless whether you prefer running, cycling, swimming, hiking or playing sports; you can set goals, assess performance, and steadily improve your fitness ambitions. Its 5ATM water resistance lets you sweat it out as you sprint across the circuit or perform laps in the pool.

Best for lifestyle fanatics
Fitness Tracker

Providing plethora application across a range of lifestyle requirements, the Pro 3 facilitates hands-free usage, while offering a seamless user experience. Get alerted on incoming texts, calls and social media notifications without reaching for your smartphone.

Local weather updates, along with music control, further such application. Answer or reject calls, pre-set SMS replies to minimize phone dependence (Android only). Powered by a 210mAh battery, you can go up to 10 days without charging, ensuring that you live a connected life.

Best for the fashion forward
Lifestyle Smartwatch

Driven to provide soothing aesthetics and contemporary design, the ColorFit Pro 3 is poised to make heads turn. Featuring an industry-leading, TrueView™ display – its 1.5’’ TFT touch screen makes colors pop. With a resolution of 320*360, it provides clear viewing angles for bright daytime usage.

Allowing you to express your mood and sense of style, the smartwatch offers unlimited customization with pre-installed and cloud-based watch faces to wear on the daily. Complement this with 6 unique, skin-friendly silicone based watch straps – you can mix and match your watch to your everyday attire.

Checking every box on the list; give a jolt of energy to your daily endeavors with the ColorFit Pro 3, and usher into a world of convenience and style.

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