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Imagine learning shortly into your journey to work that you have left at home your truly wireless earbuds. An instant panic inducer, would you go back to fetch them? Or would you just patronize yourself until you reach your destination?

Among the most dire first world problems, your headphones or earbuds are the perfect accomplice to your smartphone. Whether you prefer wired or wireless alternatives, a good quality pair is an indispensable part of our lives today. From attending important work calls, to listening to music, and streaming content, earbuds have immense lifestyle application.

Finding the right pair can often be quite a challenge due to a cluttered market and a buffet of options. Picking out a reliable product ensures living hassle free in the long term. However, such audio accessories sometimes prematurely stop working, causing stress and anxiety – compelling you to have to buy another one all over again.

Save yourself the trouble of having to constantly skim through a sea of products; with the following tips & tricks you can extend the life of your existing wired or wireless audio gear. If you have recently bought a new audio wearable, prolong its life with these pointers below.

Efficient storage

Having the right storage space for your earbuds or headphones can essentially determine their eventual lifespan. Having them lay unceremoniously in your bag isn’t a recipe for prolonged usage. Most ear wear devices these days come with an accompanying storage unit – either in the form of a protective pouch or a portable case. They can ensure that your device isn’t exposed to dust or moisture.  

Regular cleaning

Despite your best efforts to keep dirt and debris away from your precious ear wear, chances are they will require a weekly clean regardless. Wired products must be cleaned all the way from the wire to earpiece to preserve their aesthetic. Even truly wireless earbuds, which are all the rage these days require cleaning with a mildly damp paper towel, ensuring dust doesn’t block out the any audio.

Personal usage

Yes, all your friends want a go at those all new Bluetooth earbuds; however it isn’t the best idea to have a bunch of people shove your earbuds into their ears. This is even more so if you share your device regularly with a few people. By eliminating multiple users, the accumulation of both dust and earwax reduces, prolonging their health. Not to mention, overtime earwax exchange via audio accessories could lead to ear infections.

No idle charging

Once your earbuds are at full charge, ensure that you disconnect the charging port. Irrespective whether you use a charging case or USB Type-C charging, disconnect the power upon a complete charge. Over-charging can lead to reduction in playback time and even hamper audio capabilities. Opt for devices that intuitively stop receiving charge upon completion if you have a habit of forgetting.

Wired & wireless

Often times you may run out of battery or forget to charge your device at the usual time. During such instances, having the option to plug in a wire and carry on where you left off is a blessing. Whether you are on an important work call or are streaming content, do not slow down once the battery dies with dual playback options.

Off through sleep

Letting your favorite musicians, lull you to sleep everyday is a blissful way to fall in slumber. However leaving such ear worn devices on through a night isn’t good for both your ears and the health of your product. Have your dedicated storage unit close by, to tuck them away as you come close to doing the same.

Travelling smart

The nature of these lifestyle accessories is conducive to constant travelling. However to sustain the journey and maintain their health, paying attention to them is imperative. Through daily work commutes, long holidays or casual musical sessions, store your wired and wireless earbuds in their dedicated storing cases, rather than in your pocket. Keys and coins can potentially damage their application.

Moisture at bay

While a lot of newer products come with higher water resistance rating, they do not always survive constant exposure to moisture. Unforeseen splashes or accumulation of sweat can hamper audio capabilities leading to complete breakdown. Opt for products with a higher IPXY rating for better resistance to both water and dust. An IPX7 rated product doesn’t have to be bothered about moisture in comparison to IPX4 or lower.

Replace the sleeves

These days both truly wireless earbuds and over the ear headphones, come with multiple audio sleeves in different sizes. Find the right fit and keep replacing the sleeves at regular interval to avoid dust accumulating within the folds. Both silicone and rubber sleeves tend to block ambient noise upon degrading, diminishing the overall audio experience.

Check your warranty

If you are unable to diagnose the exact reason your earphones aren’t providing quality sound, make sure to have a quick look at the warranty period. If you are within the time frame, chances are a bad draw may have landed you with a faulty or defective piece. Get a replacement if you are within the legal timeframe.

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