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Fuelled by the idea to live a sustainable, energetic and healthy lifestyle; the desire to achieve is fierce within the growing generation. Amidst the ripples of the pandemic, this desire is further fuelled by both caution and practicality.

Driven towards the utopia of good health, the mindset towards fitness and wellness has broadened, while simultaneously becoming more inclusive. Factoring in the need of the times, the Noise ColorFit Pro 3 with TruView TM Display and blood oxygen monitoring, has arrived to kick start your 2021. The destination in your ‘quest for the best’ – have all your fitness, wellness and lifestyle related needs taken care of as you usher into this New Year.

The need of the hour
Colorfit Pro 3

The 3rd generation smartwatch has taken into account the current mood, creating a stellar piece of engineering, fine tuned to be your go-to accessory. Bridging the nuance of blending function, fashion, form and price; the ColorFit Pro 3 achieves contemporary aesthetic, with the application of the future. Inspired by everyday go-getters and their upbeat temperament, the smartwatch can revitalize your daily schedule – enabling you to get more out of each day this 2021.

Charming the onlookers
Colorfit Pro 3 Straps

Outdoing its predecessors, the smartwatch comes with a bigger and bolder display with HD resolution. It features an industry leading – TruView TM display, with a 1.55″ LCD touch screen offering vivid, and compelling viewing angles. Available in 6 unique colors, the watch dial is connected with sturdy, swappable watch straps to personalize your daily look.

Mix and match the comfortable silicone straps to suit your daily watch face, and drive the local trend. Donning a new look every day of the week, choose from numerous pre-installed and cloud based watch faces. Zip out the classic sun dial or vintage clock theme at a professional meeting, or splash in some personality for the party after, with its customizable watch faces.

Crossing the finish line
Colorfit Pro 3 Smartwatch

With ‘fit’ in its name, the ColorFit Pro 3 is committed to being your best workout buddy. Offering dynamic monitoring through your daily fitness grind – you can track progress and gage your fitness levels. 14 integrated sports modes to make use of – this GPS smartwatch can assist you in running, cycling, general training, playing sports, performing yoga, hiking and more.

Additionally, its all new auto sport recognition mode intuitively recognizes when you are on the move, setting-in-motion activity tracking. Another new, smart running partner feature, identifies when you are brisk walking, light jogging or sprinting – automatically enabling the respective sports mode to kick in.

The wealth in good health
Colorfit Pro 3 Fitness Watch

As the general mood and approach towards physical and mental health has turned increasingly forthright and conscious, lifestyle products that cater to such needs have become indispensable. Recognizing the pro-health sentiment in 2021, the ColorFit Pro 3 comes with a number of features that allow you to gage your overall wellness.

The new integrated SpO2 monitor allows you to measure your oxygen levels at any time through the day. Take charge and make note of your fluctuating oxygen levels, to assess the triggers in your habits and daily regime.

As was in the ColorFit Pro 2, its successor also comes with 24/7 heart rate monitoring providing you the maximum and minimum metrics of your heart rate, round the clock. Furthering your desire to be active and engaged, the watch has sedentary reminders, nudging you to get a move on when you remain stationary for too long.

A Zen state of mind
Noise Colorfit Pro 3

Ensuring that the pace of modern living doesn’t bog you down; an integrated stress monitor can assess your daily stress levels, giving you the opportunity to seek that much needed time-out, from the relentless grind.

You can make use of the unique ‘Breathe mode’, which can help in calming your nerves via guided breathing – elevating you to that meditative state.

As you head home from a long, grueling day, turn on the sleep tracker to assess the quality of your night’s sleep. Look into the number of hours your body was in light, deep and REM sleep to set a healthy and consistent sleep cycle.

Enduring the hustle
Noise Colorfit Pro 3 Fitness Smartwatch

Offering immense application across a range of lifestyle needs, the ColorFit Pro 3 can outlast the elements, while maintaining a seamless user experience. Its 5ATM water resistance gives you the opportunity to step out in the rain, or pump out a quick workout. Submergible up to a depth of 50 meters for 10 minutes – a quick dip in the lake, or a rafting trip across wild rapids is a good idea.

Lasting you a week and then some more, its 210mAh battery keeps going for 10 days upon a single charge. Adding function to its longevity, you can flawlessly switch between essential work calls and your favorite music.

Minimizing constant smartphone usage, get real time social media notification on the ColorFit Pro 3. Accompanied by the ability to pre-set text responses, you can get access to daily weather reports and remote camera control, further restricting the need to reach into your pocket.

Even though the pandemic may have set back your fitness needs, lifestyle ambitions and career goals; 2021 brings with it revitalized energy to once again yearn and achieve. The ColorFit Pro 3 is primed to be your ideal partner, as you rediscover a new you, in this new world.

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