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The settling cold makes it extremely difficult to keep up with your fitness goals. Running through a gust of chilly air isn’t the most desirable feeling.

However do not let your sprinting ambitions be dampened; there are several ways to maintain your vigorous running schedule, even in the heart of winters.

No more does running in cold weather have to be a miserable experience – put on the right apparel, strap on your smart wearables and get your daily kilometers in. With the following tips and tricks, you can ploy through this chilly season and elevate your winter workout.

Cover up the right way
Smartwearable Cover Up

The aim is to cover all of your body with a couple of layers, while ensuring the innermost layer is sweat-friendly. Excess layering can hunker down your progress further down the run.

Gloves, beanies and leg warmers can all be useful when the temperature dips excessively. Pay close attention to wearing sweat resistant fabric, and opt for clothes with a zipper.

It is prudent to dress for a few degrees higher than the actual temperature, since your body will heat up 10 to 12mins into the jog.

Ride the wind
Ride the Wind

Cold air upon coming in contact with damp clothes is a recipe for catching the flue. Monitor closely the direction of the wind before you head out. If the wind is too severe, opt for shorter routes or consider entirely skipping on that day.

When you first set out, it is a good idea to run in the direction off the wind since sweating will be minimal. Going against the wind, when you are drenched in sweat, towards the later leg of your sprint, will inevitably cause you to feel colder.

A GPS smartwatch, through such a run can not only give you weather updates, it can assist you in creating dedicated paths to then diligently follow. Find the best route and create a course with minimal wind draft to conquer the winter season.

Talk to your body
Talk to the Body

Often through the cold spell, you will sweat less and have fewer sore muscles – as a consequence will feel the need to push harder. However it is not the best approach to increase your daily distance in the cold weather.

Your heart rate typically increases since blood needs to reach the extremities in your body. Due to the sheer cold, your body gives you the illusion of not being tired, despite pumping blood overtime.

A reliable Bluetooth smartwatch such as the Noise ColorFit Pro 2 which comes with 24/7 dynamic heart rate monitoring is an essential accessory to assess your physical metrics, keeping all forms of burn out at bay. Assess your heart rate and find what’s best for your body.

Change post running
Change Post Running

Once you have completed your run, it is extremely important to change into a dry set of clothes.

Your core temperature starts to drop the moment you conclude running. Head over to your home or a changing room, to avoid a case of lingering chills. Since a damp workout vest or training bra sticks close to your skin, it can each trap cold air leading to waves of shivering.

Going for a hot beverage upon reaching home can aid in recovery. A hearty soup doubles down by refueling your lost sodium and proteins.

Set rewarding goals
Set Rewarding Goals

No clear blue skies and inviting sunshine to muster up some motivation. During such times the responsibility to generate motivation on the daily rests solely with you.

A simple yet effective way to deal with shaky motivation is to set your own daily goals and reward yourself upon completing them.

Find yourself a smartwatch with a fitness tracker, to monitor your daily activity and get metrics on the number of calories burned and distance covered. Upon reaching your daily objectives reward yourself with an indulgent snack.

Staying hydrated
Stay Hydrated

While this may seem like a simple enough practice, most people seem to neglect hydration during the winter run. Little sweat and cold winds, push out the desire to hydrate.

During such times setting customizable hydration reminders on a Bluetooth smartwatch will periodically prompt you to take a few sips, through well timed intervals.

Lack of hydration can lead to fatigue and soreness in the limbs, eventually leading to long term internal injuries. A hydration belt or hand-held running bottle, are both easy to carry on your run.

Do not let the chilly wind put a halt in your commitment to run; with such smart practices, winter running has never been such a breeze.

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