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Alluding to a heritage of musical genius, it is no surprise the kinship every Indian extends towards music and lyric. Our historical journey of sound has been poignant, deep and intricate.

Round that up with the impact of western and modern pop culture – propelling us headfirst into a medley of genres such as jazz, rock, electro, disco, techno, R&B, etc. There is an abundance of stimulus contributing to the present day musical buffet.

However music isn’t the extent of your audio demands. Streaming services and mobile gaming have carved a niche into the minds of consumers.

Audio books, immersive game play and your favourite shows, all need assistance from a handy audio device.

Unclear, shaky voice during business calls can associate with you, an unprofessional vibe.

The application of an audio device with bold, sharp and clear sound quality is immense.

Wireless Headphone

In a country where the mood for sound is global, diverse and multi faceted, the musical appetite must be voracious.

With the initiative to spread the music to all ears, we the band of Noisemakers are committed to deliver audio for all, with our selection of new audio wearables.

Recognizing the varied approaches and interest to music, our audio wearables are purposefully designed to suit your particular mood, lifestyle and sound preference.

Some may simply desire to flaunt them, others may want to wear them during exercise; another person may need it through all commute, while the next could be in it purely to experience sound.

No matter what your motivation or need, your quest for superior audio has now come to fruition. Personalized to meet all your audio demands and more, get your hands on the accessory that best compliments your musical aesthetic.

Noise Vibe – The Party Monger
Noise Vibe

Delivering music for the millennial and gen z, our first ever wireless Bluetooth speaker lets you flaunt your playlist amongst your friends.

Great for the outdoors, you can host a rooftop get together, go on a hike or organize an outdoor barbeque with your buddies.

Facilitated with an IPX7 waterproof rating, pool parties are best enjoyed with the clear, premium sound of the Noise Vibe.

9 hours of uninterrupted playback and multiple pairing modes – why not let your friends in on the fun?

Put on your dance shoes, as you ‘vibe’ to the sound of your self-expression.

Noise One – The Daily Hustler
Noise One

Pioneering in wireless earbuds and fitness bands, the Noise One is our first ever wireless headphone.

Promising the premium sound quality, and personalized design that you have come to expect, it features Tru BassTM technology, offering bold and clear bass lines.

Its on-ear design gives it a snug, comfortable fit and rich aesthetic; so that you can combine convenience with style.

Portable and compact, it comes with a unique 90 degree folding design allowing you to stay tuned in – no matter where you are headed.

Further, it is supported by hands free calling, so that switching to urgent work calls is a breeze.

Designed to be the “one” for you, personalize your headphones by opting from 4 soothing shades.

Noise Defy- The Music Elitist
Noise DEFY

In the pursuit for sharper sound, ever so often you stumble across a product that delivers exactly that and more.

Meet the new Noise Defy with pure, unadulterated sound and active noise cancellation.

Oriented to casual and hardcore listeners alike, no more do you have to complain about the lackluster base or the jarring thrash.

Offering 30 hours of playtime, enjoy long, uninterrupted musical sessions, as the world around you fades away aided with these ANC wireless headphones.

Its dual mode allows you to go wireless with Bluetooth 5.0. It even has auxiliary aux support if you so require.

Hands free calling and voice assistance restrict the number of times you reach for your smartphone.

An IPX5 water resistance rating gives you the opportunity to indulge carefree in light exercise.

Noise Tune Neckbands – The Sports Club
Noise Tune Earphones

It is no secret that the right music can give a leg up to your exercise regime. From stirring you on, to creating a fitness state of mind, ‘tune’ in to your favorite songs on our 3, all new Noise Tune neckbands.

Oriented to people with an active, upbeat lifestyle and sporty ambitions, each of the 3 neckbands can cater to your musical and fitness needs.

Tune Sport 2: The second gen to the formerly successful Tune Sport neckband, the Sport 2 outdoes its counterpart. Offering a whole new world of personalization, you can choose from multiple, exciting color options. Its improved 6 hour of playtime is backed up by its enhanced sound quality for immersive listening.

Tune Active Plus: Optimized for the extrovert, experience 30 minute fast charging and a unique trio of colors with the new Tune Active Plus. Its sporty wingtips enable superior comfort, and its IPX5 rating allows you to perform with all your sweaty vigor. Reverb in its clear, bold sound, ensuring that your workouts are always energized.

Tune Elite Sport: Complete with magnetic buds and sporty fin tips, the Tune Elite Sport comes in shades of black, orange, lime and blue. Its IPX5 rating makes it an ideal workout companion. Featuring 10 hours of battery life on a single charge, it is supported by Bluetooth 5.0.

Striving to realize all your audio related pursuits? Our new lifestyle accessories are catered to your diverse sensibilities and requirements, ensuring that we deliver audio for all.

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