Find your expression with the Noise Vibe Bluetooth speaker


Music is a unifying factor no matter who you are with. Friends, family or work, there is always a need for good music.

Your quintessential companion during all fun and frolic, music with friends is best enjoyed on a reliable Bluetooth speaker. Wireless application gives you the luxury to turn any social gathering into a full blown party.

However, with a score of options to pick from, finding the right audio device for gatherings with friends isn’t the easiest of tasks. From range, sound quality to its IPX rating, there is a lot to mull over.

Addressing all such issues and more, the Noise Vibe Bluetooth speaker is here to put an end to all your audio requirements.

Fit for any social setting, as well as solo listening, our first ever wireless speaker is sure to cater to your diverse musical needs. Add to it a premium aesthetic and a host of lifestyle features; discover your desire to express.

Express style

Envious eyes will always be lingering on your Noise Vibe due to its rugged appeal and contemporary design. Available in four unique shades of midnight black, stone grey, olive green and rose beige; its minimal and naturalist design seamlessly blends in all environments.

Adding to its durability, it is protected by a tear resistant mesh which keeps the elements from marring its appeal. Its understated, pastel shades are not only easy on the eyes, but complement its robust design.

Express music

Focusing on an immersive and fun listening experience, you can ‘vibe’ as much as you want to its superior sound and clear bass. The integrated 5-watt speaker accounts for deep, crisp audio regardless of indoor or outdoor application.

Fit for all kinds of social gatherings, you can carry the Noise Vibe around for a house party, a festival or even for presentations at a business trip. Its loud and bass infused audio has a 10 meter range, ensuring that sound travels to every corner of the room.

Express lifestyle

Cementing its place as an essential accessory, several lifestyle features aid in going the extra mile.

Were you watching a show and were interrupted by a work call? Hands free calling and an integrated microphone lets you seamlessly switch between important work calls and your favorite shows.

Not only can you take calls on the speaker, connecting to both the Google voice assistant and Siri is a breeze. With the tap of a button you can get quick results to all your internet searches.

Express desire

Wouldn’t it be a buzz kill to arrive at a party with regular Bluetooth speakers and have them die on you with just a little playtime? The Noise Vibe can see you through any social gathering with 9 hours of run time upon a single charge.

Crank the volume up and enjoy long, uninterrupted music for several hours straight. TWS dual connectivity even allows you to pair 2 Vibe speakers with one another for maximum utility and coverage.

Express everywhere

Weighing only 300 grams, it is exceptionally portable and easy to store. Its compact design is facilitated by a reliable carrying strap which lets you hook your speakers to your bag, taking it wherever you please.

A trek with friends to the mountains, an overnight party, a long drive or at home listening – it is protected by an IPX 7 waterproof rating ensuring lasting performance.

The perfect wingman at every pool party, splashes and dust do not hamper performance. Its waterproof design lets you step out in heavy rain, and have a full blown rain dance with friends.

Express the way you want

Giving you the luxury to choose your form of playback, the Noise Vibe comes with multiple ways to play your favorite songs. From radio support to Bluetooth 5.0, you have the added option of inserting a TF card, as well as the aux cable for complete connectivity.

A strap covers the ports at all times protecting them from dust and splashes. You can preload music on a TF card, or plug in the aux to shuffle your playlist no matter where you are.

Bluetooth connection gives you the luxury to move around without being strapped down to the aux wire. Multiple pairing modes account for enhanced convenience and usability.

Seize the opportunity and enjoy clear bass and premium sound, on the Noise Vibe. Get your hands on it today to explore your form of expression.

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