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Here’s a weird question: Would earphones tie up in space?

Answer: No, they would ‘knot’.

Choosing whether or not to take the leap of faith in shifting from your trusted wired earphones to the new and trending truly wireless earbuds?

With a range of considerations in mind, from assessing the sound quality, portability, accessibility, connections, to the number of pairing options – there is a lot to mull over.

Taking such a decision is easily one of the most nerve racking first world problems to deal with. Read on to find out how the wireless movement is poised to take the future by storm.

Going wireless

The single, biggest advantage of owning a pair of wireless ear buds is, not having to untangle the wires upon every use. With this hassle free experience, comes a supreme level of comfort.

Bluetooth wireless ear buds provide such added flexibility and convenience.

Regardless of the task at hand, you get the freedom to move around at your leisure, without being tied down by the wires.

This provides you with additional room to operate. You can pace about during work calls or dance all over the house while listening to music.

The Noise Shots Nuvo can let you do just that and more. With Bluetooth 5.0, you can instantly pair your smart phone, and take advantage of its wide range.  

Ease of use

The usability provided by wireless buds isn’t restricted just to hands free calling. Certain variants come with additional features allowing you to control your music and perform a quick search on the internet.

The Noise Shots Ergo and the Noise Shots Rush, both have the ability to perform hands free. You can accept and reject calls, control the playback and adjust the volume right from the ear bud.

This directly results in reduced smart phone dependence, so that you can get more done, without constantly reaching into your pocket.

Additionally, wireless earbuds such as the two above, can conveniently access both the Google voice assistant and Siri, allowing you to make quick searches and directly respond to texts.


Another major factor tipping the scale in favor of wireless ear buds is how convenient they are to carry around. Most Bluetooth wireless ear buds come in compact cases with an in built charge system.

The Noise Shots X1 Air is one such example. The case holding the ear buds provides an additional 10 hours of battery life, on top of the existing 5 hours provided by the ear buds themselves.

Add to it the convenience of slipping the case in your pocket – no matter where you travel.

Similar options include the Noise Shots Ergo and Noise Shots Nuvo, which also come in compact, easy to carry cases.

Taking the concept to the next level, the Noise Shots Rush can provide uninterrupted playback for 24 hours straight. The ear buds alone account for 6 hours of run time, which is fuelled by an additional 3 x 6 hours from the charging case.

Talk about pulling the plug on wires, quite literally.

Sound check

Contrary to popular belief, Bluetooth wireless earphones today can provide the same, if not better, sound quality as compared to its wired counterpart.

The difference in question may often be too miniscule to matter. Add to it the increased usability and convenience in going wireless, the obvious choice is staring us all in the face.

Not to mention the consumer demand and appetite, which is steadily moving towards wireless – as are manufacturing units.

Older wireless versions often compressed audio resulting in a jarring, digital sound experience. However, truly wireless ear buds today have an advanced audio distribution profile, allowing them to stream in higher quality.

Competing with the best wired devices, the Noise Shots Groove provides the user with that punch of bass that you so desire. Intentionally designed to awaken your inner ballerinas or hip-hoppers, you can feel every thump and ‘groove’ to it.

To invest or not, is a decision you need to make, we provide just the analysis. Wireless ear buds are the new giants of the market, investing in a pair will perfectly set you up for the future.

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