Air Buds Mini: Small size, big surprise


Gear up for the compact and explosive Air Buds Mini and deep dive into a world of audio excellence. Being featured in an elegant & petite design, the wireless earbuds pack a ton of style and offer an immersive user experience.

Complete with every essential audio need – show-off its classic design in a sleeker yet more explosive form. From bass lovers to daily hustlers and everybody in between, the new Air Buds Mini are well suited for all audio needs. Offering seamless application and comprehensive function; enjoy uninterrupted music and the clearest call quality at home or on the go.

Neat & compact design

The Buds Mini are not only upbeat with the choicest audio features, they also come in a sleek and trendy design. Make heads turn every time you put on your wireless earbuds. Nestled comfortably in the pocket-friendly case – get the best of sound in a powerful yet graceful aesthetic.

Instant smart pairing

Driven by the urge to fulfil smart needs, seamless pairing via Hyper SyncTM technology ensures that the Buds Mini instantly pair to your last used device.

Such instant pairing ensures that your earbuds are connected well before you engage with any audio content. Upon opening the case the truly wireless earbuds instantly pair to your smartphone.

Immersive audio eruption

Do not be fazed by its tiny design; the Air Buds Mini packs that powerful punch of bass that you so desire. Featuring Tru BassTM technology, get clear, bass driven sound with its 14.2mm speaker driver.

From tuning in to your daily playlist to binging your favourite films and keeping an ear out for every in-game enemy – the Buds Mini are sure to provide a complete audio experience.

Compelling call quality

Turning into the foremost accessory for your smartphone; get clear sound across every call on the new Buds Mini. Individual microphones on each earbud account for its rich and bold audio quality, ensuring that you never miss an important detail.

Long lasting battery

Supported by Type-C charging, enjoy long, uninterrupted audio sessions for up to 15 hours on a complete charge. Head out for an overnight journey or plan a road trip, all while grooving to your favourite music on the Air Buds Mini.

Complete splash protection

Get your fitness on and focus on performance since sweat and moisture do not slow down these wireless earbuds. An IPX4 water resistance rating ensures that sudden splashes and dust don’t hamper its function, enabling you to stay tuned in.

Offering an abundance of audio features in a refined and compact package, the Air Buds Mini are set to blow away all your audio expectations.

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