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CoffeeJack is a new environmentally friendly, compact espresso maker design to function without the need for electricity, pods or filters. Watch the demonstration video below to learn more about the patent pending micro-hydraulic technology which applies in excess of 9 bars of pressure and has been featured on Vogue, GQ and more.

Early bird pledges are now available from £75 offering a 46% discount off the recommended retail price which will take effect once the Indiegogo InDemand campaign comes to an end, worldwide shipping is also available and will start around May 2021.


The team behind the innovative CoffeeJack coffee brewing system explain more about its inspiration. “We grew tired of investing in expensive portable coffee makers and never experiencing the same quality espresso we could only get from a coffee shop. Therefore, we would still go to expensive coffee shops every day! Second to that, we were guilty of using disposable cups, purely due to convenience (hands up!). We knew we could engineer something better, something that fulfilled our desire for great coffee and helped the environment at the same time.”

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“We cannot express the level of passion and tenacity that has been invested into this project. It is factually the smallest espresso machine on the market (only 100mm high). But most importantly it ACTUALLY produces coffee shop quality coffee. This has been no easy task to achieve and we refused to stop until it met our high standards and of those in the coffee industry. 392 prototypes, one filed patent later and we’ve finally done it! We are very proud to finally unveil our most exclusive project to the Indiegogo community. With over $1m+ raised so far, we are now seriously excited to make COFFEEJACK a reality!””

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