Top 5 E-commerce Websites With Local Warehouses


An e-commerce website with a local warehouse comes with major benefits. The delivery is faster, the exchange is faster, costs are reduced, and so on. Here we have listed down some of the benefits and top 5 e-commerce websites that have local warehouses across the world.



E-commerce websites make shopping from brands and stores across the globe convenient. Meeting your demands by shipping the items via a well-built logistics system, e-commerce websites are currently soaring high in their businesses. What makes their timely distribution possible is the stock/inventory in their warehouses. But when it comes to overseas sales, having a local warehouse can prove to be a true game-changer.  Not just for e-commerce websites but also for customers, the local warehouses offer several benefits.

This article will shed some light on the top 5 e-commerce websites with local warehouses from where you can shop at affordable prices. However, first, let’s focus on the benefits of buying from e-commerce businesses with local warehouses. So, let’s dive right in.




Benefits of Buying From Ecommerce Businesses With Local Warehouses

The benefits of buying from e-commerce websites with local warehouses are endless irrespective of the size of the business.

·         Faster Shipping: Online shoppers often look for fast shipping as much as free shipping. Currently, e-commerce websites even offer 1-2-day delivery, which is also a trending demand among these shoppers. This is only possible if these e-commerce businesses have local warehouses. Having a local warehouse helps in meeting the customer expectations, as the items are delivered much faster than the usual time. Imagine, you ordered a pair of shoes from a US-based e-commerce website, which doesn’t have a local warehouse in your country or city. The shipping would then take days, which is not the case with e-commerce websites with local warehouses.

·         Fully stocked inventory: Local warehouses serve as an excellent solution for inventory and stock management issues. A US-based e-commerce website having a local warehouse in Asia would definitely be able to meet the demands of Asian customers in a much better way, as the items would be in stock. And in any case, if items are running out of stock, manufactures are notified beforehand. Plus, tracking the lost inventory would become quite easier as well.

·         More Marketing, Less Import:  When there is a local warehouse, the e-commerce businesses undergo less pressure on shipping and stock fulfillment issues. Instead, they can focus more on marketing their business through different campaigns. Since international order fulfillment expands your business and creates a brand identity, these local warehouses contribute to it greatly.

·         Reduced Costs: The best thing about e-commerce websites having local warehouses is the reduction in the overall costs. Customers are thrilled to shop from websites that have minimum shipping charges or no charges at all. Most customers are attracted to such benefits. Since the customers don’t have to import the items, the overall cost automatically reduces and the websites offer their products at pocket-friendly prices.

·         Quick Solutions to RMA Issues: One of the biggest challenges that overseas e-commerce businesses come across is Return Merchandise Authorization or simply, return of purchased items and refund. Local warehouses make it easier to receive and resolve the RMA issues. It’s because both businesses and customers easily receive and return the packages and it directly goes to the local warehouse.



Top 5 E-Commerce Websites With Local Warehouses:

In the overseas business, these 5 e-commerce websites with local warehouses have an edge over other e-commerce sites on the market. Read on to know more about them.



A committed and top-level supplier of quality goods, Chinavasion stands out as one of the leading cross-border e-commerce websites. Based out in China and founded in 2004,, the website, is a part of Chinavasion Wholesale Limited Company. Also, it is the oldest e-commerce company in China.

Started with the aim to serve B2B and B2C customer base, Chinavasion is now popular among several Chinese suppliers for its electronic goods. 

As pioneers of Dropshipping as business model, Chinavasion developed global network of B2B clients and with its warehouse in US, EU, Indonesia, Japan as well as Shanghai, Guanzhou and Hong Kong, Chinavasion offers benefits like custom and bulk orders, fast import-free delivery and high-quality goods at affordable prices. 

Over 16 years, Chinavasion successfully bridged the gap by delivering affordable electronics to various countries across the world.


Among most e-commerce platforms, is currently soaring high as the fastest-growing cross-border online platform. Inspired by the Chinese city Dunhuang, has become the easiest and affordable all-in-one solution for businesses. It allows people to buy and sell products and indulge in overseas business.

Spread over 222 countries and regions, DHGate has 26 million enterprises and individual buyers. From international logistics, local warehouses, payment, internet finance, and excellent customer service, DHGate has gradually grown to stand tall in global e-commerce B2C trading.


Global JD

A story quite similar to Chinavasion, Global JD also started around 2004 and was one of the initial comprehensive e-commerce platforms that went popular in the U.S.A. Its current dealings are mostly in retail, logistics, health, technology, insurance, production and development, overseas and industrial products. With all these, Global JD has made a mark as a supply chain-based technology and service enterprise globally.

Working under the principles of “trust-based and customer-centric value creation”, Global JD under JD Retail group continues to strive for excellent customer experience and innovation with a goal to become the most trustworthy e-commerce website.  



Focusing on B2C international exports, Banggood is currently one of the top-notch e-commerce websites in China. Banggood offers quality products and ensures savings, as it follows a series of reviews and tests before its products are sold out.

Running for over 10 years, Banggood has built a network of trusted suppliers across regions in China.  Besides, it has multiple overseas warehouses including US and EU warehouses. Also, its fast and convenient logistics deliver its products in more than 200 countries. Such a widespread network enables super-fast delivery all across the world ensuring top-class customer service as well.




Offering a perfect combination of affordability, quality, and exciting products, Gearbest is the strategic brand product and e-commerce website of the popular Chinese overseas enterprise Globalegrow.

An outstanding aspect of this e-commerce website is that it directly supplies/sells products from manufacturers to customers. With over 5000 renowned Chinese brands, Gearbest has 1 million SKUs and many of them online. That means this B2C website has endless options for its customers. Besides, it has warehouses across the world that includes some countries like the USA, EU and others.

The expanding e-commerce websites strive to flourish in overseas businesses. However, it’s best to widen the network across the world via establishing local warehouses. Even these 5 e-commerce websites with local warehouses offer superior quality products along with faster shipping and secured payments.

 So, wherever you might be located, shopping from these websites can surely offer you more options, and faster delivery is guaranteed. 

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