Video: An 800HP RS3 May Be the Perfect Audi


With so much power on tap, even quattro has a hard time controlling wheelspin.

At first glance, it’s the quintessential Audi. It’s got quattro all-wheel drive. It’s got a turbocharged five-cylinder engine. Heck, it’s even finished in Nardo Grey. This RS3 is about as perfect as it gets – it’s handsome and understated, while offering all-weather performance in a comfortable, luxurious package.

Below the surface, though, things get even better. As YouTuber ThatDudeinBlue demonstrates, this Audi RS3 has more than enough power to embarrass significantly more exotic hardware. Thanks to that inline five-cylinder engine, it sounds great doing it, too.

An 800HP RS3 May Be the Perfect Audi

This RS3 was modified by Eurofed Automotive with an IMS850S upgrade kit from Iroz Motorsport. At the heart of that kit, you’ll find a massive XonaRotor 8264S turbocharger. With supporting modifications, this setup is good for over 800 horsepower, delivered to all four wheels through the magic of quattro all-wheel drive.

Big Power in a Small Package

Keep in mind that that kind of horsepower lives in one of Audi’s smallest cars. A stock RS3 weighs in at just under 3,600 pounds. That’s certainly no lightweight, but it’s far from the heaviest performance machine in Audi’s lineup. For comparison, it’s about 300 to 400 lbs. lighter than an RS4, give or take.

An 800HP RS3 May Be the Perfect Audi

As we can see in the video, this much horsepower is nothing short of brain-melting, even from where we’re sitting. That’s especially true given the sort of hard launches on display. The only two things in this world that launch that hard are all-wheel drive sports cars and the space shuttle.

With the amount of thrust this turbocharged five-cylinder engine is capable of, it might as well be the space shuttle. Regardless of its prodigious power output, though, it still looks stealthy and largely stock.

Call us biased, but to our eyes, Audi sedans – especially the S and RS models – are among the most handsomely-styled machines you can buy. Why mess with perfection?

Speaking of perfection, let’s talk about that sound. There is simply nothing else in the world that sounds like an Audi five-cylinder engine. This RS3 sounds so good, that we’d still be showering it with praise if it made half the horsepower it does now. It’s just that good.

Go ahead and call us fanboys. We won’t mind. Your browser is, after all, pointed to a website called AudiWorld. With that said, it’s vindicating to see ThatDudeinBlue – a YouTuber best known for his Mustang videos – fall head over heels for, as he calls it, “the most Audi Audi that you can buy right now.”

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