June – Men’s Health Month


Is your lifestyle adversely affecting your health condition? Let’s us focus on a lifestyle change this Men’s Health Awareness month by changing our lifestyle. Together we stand for the same cause, this June, from 14th to 21st, take control of your health. 


Men’s health awareness month is celebrated every year during the month of June. This is hosted by Men’s Health Network since 1992. Men’s Health Month brings awareness to all the health issues faced by men and boys. The month is solely dedicated to improving men’s overall health and wellness through a broad spectrum of national screening and educational campaigns. 


This health awareness period dedicated to men is an annual observance to inform and educate about preventable health problems faced by men, encouraging them to get frequent health checkups for early detection and treatment of any disease. There are outreach activities held every June like health fairs and health education programs to bring light to common health issues that men encounter and healthcare practices to prevent these problems. 


It is a well-known fact that men have a shorter lifespan than women. On average men die almost five years earlier than women. According to Ana Fadich-Tomsic, VP of Men’s Health Network (MHN), “Men don’t always take their health too seriously because they feel good and they are ‘fine’. This is a big factor for men dying younger and living less healthy lives. But there are also factors like access to healthcare that may prevent men from receiving even a proper mental health screening. After such a challenging year, support is needed from policymakers, state and federal legislators, the media, and our private and non-profit partners to help fight these systemic issues. A collaborative effort can save lives and bring about positive change for men everywhere.”


Health Screening And Tests

You should be proactive about maintaining your personal health. A routine health care activity helps promote long-term physical and mental fitness. Health experts recommend maintaining a regular health checkup to detect any underlying health condition that you may have. 


According to Johns Hopkins, ”Specific tests and screenings are suggested for men within various age groups, ranging from age 18 to 65 (and above). Many health screenings, such as blood pressure and depression, can be conducted during routine physicals. Other tests must be scheduled separately.’’


Now checking your blood pressure has become fairly easier rather than going to a hospital for taking your pressure count. Smartwatches have become a common tool for many to keep a check on their fitness. Smartwatches that measure blood pressure, heart rate, calorie count, etc. are being bought by many consumers for regular monitoring of their fitness data.


Physical Fitness

The most important part of healthcare for any human being is to get the right amount of daily physical activity. Men usually engage themselves in one of the sports activities conducted in their school, for instance, basketball, football, athletics, badminton, cycling, etc. These become and habit for them which later turns into a hobby. Engaging in a sport like basketball can be a great physical exercise. You not only get a full-body workout but it can also be a destressing activity of your busy schedule. As sports injuries are common, make sure you are wearing the right gear while you engage in sports. Wear the right shoes, comfy clothes, and other gear like knee braces to avoid injury.


Eating right goes hand in hand with physical fitness. If you are trying to lose/gain weight eating a well-balanced diet can help. Include a lot of vegetables and fruits in your diet as well. Also, make sure to stay hydrated by drinking lots of fluids. This can normalize your blood pressure and stabilize your heartbeat. 


Mental Health

Health also includes psychological health. The new work culture is to work till you drop. Not only is this culture harming your physical health but it also harms your mental well-being. Most fail to find a work-life balance and end up working even on their weekends. It is essential that you get ample amount of time to relax and recuperate and get involved in different activities at least over the weekend to break the monotony. 


Going on a trip outdoors at least once or twice in the year can be cathartic. People engage in fishing trips, skiing, scuba diving, trekking once in a while to recoup and have some fun in their exhausting life. These trips can be an essential break and revive mental health by creating a necessary distraction to all worries and tensions. According to National Geographic, even looking ahead to your next adventure could benefit your mental health. 


Overall Health

Being well-groomed is also important for a man. A neatly trimmed beard, stylish haircut, and good personal hygiene not only help you attract potential girlfriends/boyfriends! Grooming yourself can help boost your self-confidence and personal hygiene can prevent many diseases. Especially during the current pandemic personal hygiene as well as a clean home is a must to prevent contracting COVID-19. 


Healthcare Is a Must

Dr. David Gremillion states, “Men often avoid routine health maintenance out of concern that it will show weakness or the misguided notion that it is not needed. Increasingly, however, men understand that getting a routine checkup is a sign of strength, not weakness. Maintaining our health in body, mind, and spirit, is a sure pathway to healthy relationships, workplace effectiveness and safety, and improved quality of life.”


To reiterate, men should target overall health. Today, gadgets like smartwatches and mobile phones make it much easier to get your health statistics. There are instruments like BP monitors and glucometers to check your pressure and measure your insulin levels in the blood, all at the comfort of your home. If you have a detected health condition like diabetes or kidney stones make sure you take proper care and medications and follow the diet prescribed by your doctor. Maintaining your health can prove useful in the long run. 

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