Is the Next Audi RS6 Avant Going to be Electric?


Just yesterday, we learned that Audi could be stopping the introduction of all internal combustion engine cars by 2026. That’s not to say that Audi will completely stop selling internal combustion engine cars by 2026 but rather that it will no longer introduce new ones after that date. So there will still be some ICE-powered cars after 2026 but they’ll be on their last generation. Does that mean this current darling of the brand’s lineup — the Audi RS6 Avant — will switch over to electric after this generation? Will this be the last gas-powered RS6 ever?


Most likely, yes. The current Audi RS6 Avant will likely be getting a facelift in a year or two, which means it still has at least another four or five years left in its life-cycle, before it’s replaced. With concept cars like the Audi A6 e-tron, it’s doubtful that Audi will ever make another ICE-powered A6 family again, so the current RS6 is almost certainly going to be the last of its breed.


Audi isn’t going to invest big bucks into developing another V8-powered RS6 Avant if it’s just going to be dead technology a year or so after it’s on sale. So expect the next RS6 to be fully electric.

Audi RS6 Avant 16


That might sound a bit scary of Audi enthusiasts, who are used to their RS6s being powered by big, stonking V8s. But it’s actually a good thing. Audi is in a good spot with its RS cars, with regards to electrification. Audi’s RS cars have always been about speed, yes, but also about comfort and refinement, especially its RS Avants. EVs are better at that than internal combustion engines, so an all-electric Audi RS6 Avant actually makes a lot of sense.


Audi has proven that it can make fantastic electric driver’s cars. The e-tron GT is a stellar performance GT car, one that might actually be even better than the Porsche Taycan it shares its chassis with. So imagine that electric performance knowhow, combined with a big, five-door wagon body, and a luxurious cabin. Sounds pretty great to me.

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