12 Amazing Places For Shopping In Port Elizabeth In 2021


Port Elizabeth is a city on Algoa Bay in South Africa. This is one of the popular ports and is famous for its beaches. So one can picture a vacation that is full of splashing in the water, sunbathing and building sand castles. You can even opt for cruises here. And if you are lucky, you may even spot some humpback whales. But the beauty of the city is not limited to the beaches. The city has many historic and heritage oriented tourist sites that you can visit. Also, exploring the local markets and purchasing some trinkets and baubles for yourself or for your loved ones, is quite exciting. So, here we are listing some places you can go shopping in Port Elizabeth.

12 Places For Shopping In Port Elizabeth

Visiting a new place is a fun-filled experience. Shopping there is like a cherry on the cake! But when you are new to a place, the probability of knowing the markets and shops of that place are quite slim. However, here is a list of places to help you go shopping in the port city.

1. Greenacres Shopping Centre

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If you are a shopping enthusiast, you have to pay a visit to the Greenacres Shopping Centre. And make sure you keep your wallets loaded because this place has some amazing shops! The shopping center is a host to an array of shops from where you can shop. And shopping so much is bound to make you tired! So this place has even got great eating joints so that you can get energized to shop more. The place can be a little crowded sometimes, but in the end, everything is worth it, if you are getting to shop at such a wonderful location!

Address: Ring Road 1st Floor, Office Tower, Greenacres Shopping Centre, Greenacres, Port Elizabeth, 6045, South Africa


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2. Baywest Mall

Baywest Mall

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Malls are a great place to shop because you get a lot of things under one roof. It makes for a convenient option for all the buyers. The Baywest Mall has a host of things that you can do here. It provides you with ample parking and multiple entrances. The best part about the mall is, those who are traveling with younger children, they can shop peacefully as there is an option of play stations and ice skating that you can leave your children at. This is a great way as the entire family can enjoy the trip to the mall. The place also has ticket counters for flight, train, and bus which you can book at very competitive pricing. So the Baywest Mall is your one-stop destination for all things fun!

Address: 100 Baywest Boulevard, Hunters Retreat, Port Elizabeth, 6017, South Africa


3. Walmer Park Shopping Centre

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The Walmer Park Shopping Centre is a great place to enjoy shopping at some of the best retail shops. The place also has some brand shops as well as boutiques. So, one gets a good variety of options here. There are also food joints and coffee shops here, to take a break in between shopping. If after a tiring day of shopping, you feel like relaxing, you can also head to the theatre here at the mall and watch a movie.

Address: Main Rd & 16th Ave, Walmer, Port Elizabeth, 6070, South Africa


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4. Sunridge Village Shopping Centre

Shopping Centre

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This is another popular shopping center in Port Elizabeth. The place has got many shops that sell some great items. The place is a must visit in Port Elizabeth as one can enjoy other activities too, along with shopping. The center has a fantastic spa, coffee shops and of course great stores to shop for cool stuff. Have a great time checking out the stores here on your trip to Port Elizabeth.

Address: Aster Ave, Sunridge Park, Port Elizabeth, 6008, South Africa


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5. MetLife Mall Shopping Centre

MetLife Mall Shopping Centre

If you forgot to pack some basic items for your vacation, then you need not worry, because MetLife Mall Shopping Centre would have all the items of need. This is a small and convenient shopping center. Many a time people forget certain essentials back home and need those items while on a vacation, and this place comes to rescue during such times. So instead of visiting a large mall or market, you can visit this small place that has got a variety of things and at the same time is quite easy to shop from.

Address: Cnr. Samantha & Kabega Rd, Kabega Park, Port Elizabeth, 6025, South Africa


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6. Oceanside Surf Store

Oceanside Surf Store

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When you are traveling out of your country, there is only little that you can carry with you. Hence for all your beach and surfing needs, there is a store called Oceanside Surf Store in Port Elizabeth from where you can shop. It is a cute little shop that even rents out surfboards. What could be better? Rent a board and head to the sea!

Address: Beach Rd, Humewood, Port Elizabeth, 6013, South Africa

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7. Moffet on Main Lifestyle Centre

Moffet on Main Lifestyle Centre

If you are looking for some quiet place to shop at, then Moffet on Main Lifestyle Centre is the place you should be at. The place has got great shops for one to check out and buy stuff and some amazing eating joints where one can enjoy food. Though it does not have a lot of variety in terms of shops, the place itself is quaint and is great for peaceful shopping.

Address: Moffett On Main Lifestyle Centre, 109 17th Ave, Charlo, Port Elizabeth, 6070, South Africa


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8. Cleary Park Shopping Centre

Cleary Park Shopping Centre In Port Elizabeth

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The Cleary Park Shopping center covers most of your shopping needs from A till Z. The place is very well constructed and maintained. The pricing of the goods and products here is quite reasonable, and all the tourists love the place as it has so much to offer. The Boxer store is one of the popular stores here. Do pay it a visit if you are looking for some amazing things at reasonable pricing.

Address: &, Stanford Rd &, Norman Middleton Rd, Port Elizabeth, 6059, South Africa

9. Pier 14 Shopping Center

Pier 14 Shopping Center

The Pier 14 shopping center has been constructed in a way that gives the architecture of the place an ancient look with a modern twist. This place is great to go shopping as one gets all the necessary shops at close proximity. It has got good grocery stores, clothing stores and even a mini casino that one can visit on their trip to the shopping center. The only set back is that the shops at this place close early and open late. Also, if you are looking for a variety of things, you may not find them at Pier 14 Shopping Centre. The place is good for a quick drop and for shopping for all the necessary items.

Address: 3rd floor Centre Management, 444 Govan Mbeki Avenue, North End, Port Elizabeth, 6001, South Africa

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10. The Bridge At Greenacres

The Bridge At Greenacres In Port Elizabeth

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The Bridge at Greenacres is a well-maintained place to shop at. The credit goes to the staff who have gone the extra mile to make sure that people who visit the place have a nice experience here. This place is great for shopping and if you are on a budget, you can even browse through the windows and look at the amazing things that you can find here. But let us warn you, you might be tempted to go in and shop! The central location of the mall makes it a convenient place to visit for all.

Address: Cape Rd, Greenacres, Port Elizabeth, 6057, South Africa


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11. Sixth Avenue Shopping Centre

Shopping Centre

This is another small shopping center in Port Elizabeth. The Sixth Avenue Shopping Centre has huge shops with quite a variety and lets one purchase a lot of things. There is an ATM too which is a great addition to this shopping place. If you are looking for a quick stop and shop, then you should definitely visit the Sixth Avenue Shopping Centre.

Address: Sixth Avenue, Walmer, Port Elizabeth, 6065, South Africa


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12. Stanford Square Shopping Centre Korsten

Shopping Centre View

If you are looking for a place for some affordable things at pocket-friendly prices, then you can head to Stanford Square Shopping Centre Korsten. It is not a very fancy place, but it is quite a good place to shop for some of the basic things. You will also get nice eating outlets also.

Address: 45 Cottrell St, Korsten, Port Elizabeth, 6020, South Africa

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Shopping at a new place is a whole lot of fun. One gets to explore various commodities and brands which might be available only at that place. It’s a great experience and one gets to explore the local neighborhoods in town. We hope that all the shopaholics find this list handy while they are at Port Elizabeth. Book a trip to South Africa with TravelTriangle and have a great time shopping for local trinkets!



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