Audi Design Boss Marc Lichte Teases Three Upcoming e-tron Concept Cars


In a new video on Audi design boss Marc Lichte’s LinkedIn page, three new Audi e-tron concept cars were teased and hinted about. These three new concept cars, called “Spheres” by Audi, are all very different and are designed to offer completely unique experiences for customers. Why are they called spheres? I honestly have no idea but each sphere is teased with a sketch and some marketing jargon.


The first “Sphere” in this video is the “Sky Sphere.” Its sketch seems to show off a long, low, two-door grand touring car, something Audi never really made. What’s interesting is how long the hood is, which is unnecessary in an electric car, as it obviously has no engine. Though, it does sport classic good looks because of it and I guess it could offer some additional frunk room that way.

After the “Sky Sphere”, comes the “Grand Sphere”, which looks like some sort of high-performance shooting brake, due to its two-door look and hatchback rear end. It still looks low and sleek, though, like a performance car. It’s likely it could be some sort of practical, high-performance electric car, like an electric RS6 Avant of sorts. While the previous Sky Sphere is a bit out of the ordinary for Audi, the Grand Sphere looks much more typical of the Audi brand.


Lastly, is the “Urban Sphere”, which looks very much like a tall crossover, designed to shuttle people around urban environments. It features an aggressively raked windshield design but then a very tall, upright roof toward the back, suggesting an emphasis on headroom and passenger space. This is likely to be a more heavily autonomous vehicle, designed as more of a comfy people mover than anything else.

There’s no other word on these three “Spheres”, other than the fact that they represent more ideas of cars than specific future cars. However, they do give us an idea of the direction Audi is headed with its e-tron lineup. It’s clear Audi wants to focus on emotion and excitement, with the Sky Sphere and Grand Sphere, as both designs are very sporty and exciting. While the Urban Sphere proves that Audi also wants to focus on urban, highly autonomous mobility for customers that prioritize comfort, technology, and ease of use.


I don’t know if any specific concept cars, and eventually production cars, will come from these “Sphere” sketches but they do offer some insight into the future of Audi.

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