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One of the most visited places in Japan, Osaka is a complete package of fun. With a very unique culture and food and many important landmarks and tourist attractions this place is somewhere you would everything. Not just that but this historical merchant city in Japan holds a reputation for having something for everyone. Moreover, the locals are people who love to shop. From underground shopping malls to top-notch, upstreet boutiques there is no dearth of places to shop in Osaka. Truly a shopper’s paradise, Osaka is where you will find anything and everything and shopping in Osaka will be a very pleasant experience. As they say souvenirs are something that stay with you forever and remind you of the pleasant memories you made long after you have returned, it’s always great to have something for that.

Where To Shop In Osaka

Here is a list of the best places to shop in Osaka. These places offer you the best shopping experience and the shopaholic in you will be delighted.

1. Tennoji (MINAMI)

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A coming together or as they say a blend of Osaka’s commercial present with its merchant past, Tennoji has the perfect mix of old antique shops and modern shopping malls. At Tennoji you will find everything from authentic antiques to what’s trending. Apollo Building, Avetica Underground Mall and Abeno-Suiji Street are the popular shopping venues in and around the area.

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2. America Mura

America Mura

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If you are looking for the trendiest and hippest styles around the world then America Mura or as its better known as Ame-Mura is the place to be at. The first place to sell imported American wear and accessories, this place has flourished over the years and now has more than 3000 shops. Despite of the fact that the market sells all Americaan products it’s a very Japanese experience to visit the place and you will swear by the experience you had while shopping in Osaka, Japan.

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3. Namba NanNan Town


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The first underground shopping mall in Japan, Namba NanNan Town is a cool and casual shopping place. This mall opened in 1957 brought about a trend of underground shopping malls and as a result similar subterranean shopping malls were opened all over Japan. This is a place for those of you who prefer basic and comfortable over fancy.

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Located within the huge complex of HEP FIVE, this shopping complex has more than 300 stores that offer stuff from both Japanese and western brands as well as a large number of specialty shops. HEP basically stands for Hankyu Entertainment Park and what’s better entertainment than shopping for a shopaholic?! One of the places to shop in Osaka, HEP NAVIO will not disappoint.

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What To Shop In Osaka

Here is a list of things you can buy when in Osaka. If you are a foodie, rejoice for you just found the destination where you can get the best things to bring back home as souvenirs.

1. Osaka Castle Souvenir

Osaka Castle Souvenir

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If you have visited the majestic and mystical Osaka Castle on your trip to Japan, we know you would certainly want to take a part of it with you and hence that’s where these souvenirs come into the picture. From cutesy keychains designed in historical costumes to a fascinating 3D puzzle you have a wide range of options to choose from and decide what you like.

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2. Fukufukufu


These little, delicious cakes from a traditional sweet shop in Osaka is something you would definitely want to take along with you and munch on when you get back home. With flavours ranging from matcha green tea to anko red bean and even some seasonal flavours such as chestnut glaze. Just in case you were wondering, “Fuku” means luck and anyone would love these as a gift.

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3. Takoyaki Jagariko

Takoyaki Jagariko

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For a local, Jagarico is a common snack. For a tourist, it’s fascinating and it’s best to bring some fun back home with you. The picture shows the version you can try out when in Osaka but if you don’t get enough of it, packaged version of these sticks are available. With their oddly satisfying crunch and great flavour which can be found easily at any Japanese convenience store or supermarket is what you should get. However, in Osaka you can find a rare and special flavour called Takoyaki.

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4. Takoyaki Phone Covers And Keychains

Takoyaki Phone Covers

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The fun doesn’t end for Takoyaki fans. It’s such a famous street food that it comes in many forms of souvenirs such as keychains and phone covers. These are available and very popular in Osaka and not only tourists but even people from other parts of Japan visit the place to buy these. With cutesy and very fascinating and interesting designs you would want to buy them all.

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Well, we are sure this would have brought out the shopaholic in many of you. So, what are you even doing? Don’t let your excitement die and head to this beautiful city to shop your heart out and get the best deals out of all. Along with this check out these amazing customizable options for a trip to Japan and plan your trip with TravelTriangle.

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