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Striving to keep up with all your professional responsibilities while maintaining a health work to life balance may often weigh down on you, leaving you feeling stressed out. This may be compounded amidst a pandemic, forcing you to remain indoors – depriving you the joy of stepping out.

During such times, stress can often leave you beat and frustrated. However paying close attention to your stress levels takes even more precedence at a time like this.

How does stress affect you?

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Often induced in the face of physical, emotional or psychological tension, stress can trigger a number of reactions such as nervousness, anger and paranoia.

Stress affects both our physical and mental health, making it imperative to identify symptoms early and seek effective ways of managing your stress levels. If left unchecked stress could disrupt your overall well being at times even leading to chronic anxiety and depression.

Managing stress with wearables

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Fitness trackers and wearables often come with integrated stress monitoring tools that can provide just the kind of time out you are looking for. Offering daily reports on your fluctuating stress levels, such smart gear can provide more insight into lifestyle triggers that may negatively impact your stress levels – empowering you to take early action.

While a wearable with stress monitoring may offer you an indication of your overall stress levels, select Noise devices even offer customisable reminders and alerts upon noticing a rise in your daily stress.

Beating stress via deep breathing exercises

A number of studies have well documented the positive effects deep breathing can have on your mental and physical health. By indulging in deep breathing exercises you can involuntarily reverse your stress response causing you to be less reactive during a stressful situation. Furthermore, deep breathing can be favourable to inducing sleep, improving digestion and regulating pain control.

Select Noise smartwatches feature an integrated Breathe Mode to relax and de-clutter your mind when things may get overwhelming. No matter where you are, simply trigger the Breathe Mode and indulge in some guided meditation. By connecting your watch to the NoiseFit app you can further unlock a range of guided breathing and yoga exercises to make the most of.

Working to minimise daily stress

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Even if you cannot change a stressful situation, you can manage it effectively via the following practices.

  • Set out on a walk: A quick 10 minute walk accompanied by a change in scenery can provide an outlet from a stressful situation.
  • Relax you muscles: Progressive muscle relaxation is a technique which involves relaxing all your limbs one at a time, relieving stress in the process.
  • Cut out negatives: Discarding people, activities and places that contribute to increasing stress can help reduce negative stimuli.
  • Search for a hobby: While engaging in your existing hobbies is a good idea, consider searching for a new hobby to reignite excitement.
  • Carve out ‘me’ time: No matter how packed your schedule, prioritise finding some personal down time to unwind and rejuvenate.

In the wake of a lockdown, stress management is extremely essential to maintain robust immunity. Sustaining positive lifestyle choices which involve regular exercise, self-care, eating healthy, staying positive and practicing gratitude are all essential to optimum stress management.

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