MTM Brings Stage 4 Boost to the RS6, RS7, and the RS Q8


MTM has outdone themselves in creating an upgrade package for Audi’s RS models that would bump the power past the 1,000-horsepower threshold!

A Lot More Power

German specialty tuner MTM has been taking factory Audis and giving them even more performance and capability for quite some time. And they’ve now introduced a Stage 4 power upgrade for the Audis RS6 Avant, RS7 Sportback, and the RS Q8. It should go without saying that RS models are some of the best high-performance machines in the world. But the folks at MTM seem to believe they could use a lot more power!

Lower Stages

The tuner has previously been offering Stage 1, 2, and 3 upgrades for these Audi RS models. These various levels bring different levels of added power to the vehicles. Stage 1 bumps the power output up to 787 and costs $10,999. Stage 2 will provide customers with 812 horses, with a price tag of $15,799. And the Stage 3 upgrade reaches 962 horsepower at $29,999.

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Performance Gains?

The Stage 4 MTM tune achieves over 1,000 horsepower with a few seemingly simple modifications. The performance gains are the result of custom turbochargers and a remapped ECU. Other options are available through MTM, including custom exhaust systems, wheel spacers, among other cosmetic modifications. MTM has not announced official acceleration numbers for the kit, but it’s hard to imagine these already efficient performance vehicles would be able to reach significantly higher numbers than they do in stock form. Especially if there are no upgrades to the powertrain.

>>Join the conversation about MTM’s Stage 4 offerings right here in the Audi World Forum!

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