Start the Weekend by Watching this Tuned Audi Sport Quattro POV Drive


The Audi Sport Quattro is a legend. It’s the short-wheelbase, more powerful, faster version of the Audi Ur Quattro and it’s the one all enthusiasts want to drive. Only a few hundred were built, making the Sport Quattro incredibly rare and, therefore, incredibly expensive. Which is why tuning one can be a bit of a sketchy prospect. However, the good people at LCE Performance are probably the best in the world at it, as evidenced by this video.


In this new POV drive video from AutoTopNL, we get to virtually sit behind the wheel of this LCE-tuned Audi Sport Quattro and it seems like almost a religious experience.


What LCE Performance does is essentially built these Audi Sport Quattros from scratch. They take donor chassis, body panels, interiors, and engines and Frankenstein them together to make their cars. That sounds crude but their work is exceptional. They also tune the engines to make more power, throw in racing bucket seats, a roll cage, a short throw shifter, and a new exhaust.


The 2.2 liter turbocharged five-cylinder engine can make upwards of 650 horsepower, thanks to a monster turbo, custom intercooler, and other tweaks. It sounds absolutely incredible, with an old-school motorsport exhaust note, accompanied by the most delicious turbo flutter I’ve ever heard.


Driving the LCE Audi Sport Quattro is now something I need to do before I die. Its unassisted steering, mega engine, rally-racer handling, and incredible noise all combine to make an experience that seems downright addictive. Prices start at around 90,000 Euros and go up from there, depending on the state of engine tune and certain options, such as the carbon fiber interior bits, roll cage, and seats. That might seem like a lot of money but, in reality, it’s actually not bad. Alfaholics charges double that for most of its cars, which are similarly built Alfa Romeos. Considering how much rare the Audi Sport Quattro is than almost any Alfa, this actually seems like a bargain.


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