Unlock a Zen state of mind with Noise and Sarva


Propelling you along in your endeavour towards good health and a relaxed state of mind, Noise and SARVA have partnered up for an effort to empower fitness and wellness minded individuals across the country. As part of the collaboration, we at Noise are offering our users access to comprehensive wellness video guides by SARVA on the NoiseFit app.

Simply download the app and get access to a wide catalogue of wellness videos to push forth your fitness agendas. Whether you prefer working out at home or in the outdoors, you can access the many video guides by SARVA and complete them at your own pace.

Do it all on the NoiseFit app

– Featuring yoga teachers and fitness trainers from around the country; take advantage of their unique insight on how to better train and improve your overall performance and productivity.

– Never has it been easier for fitness stricken and health-conscious Indians to find several wellness routines, along with a community of likeminded individuals on a singular platform.

– By downloading the NoiseFit app today, you can be part of the nationwide team of Noisemakers and take advantage of the many video guides provided by SARVA at the same time.

– No matter your preferred regime, track your efforts in real time and get detailed performance metrics via live health monitoring.

– Participate in engaging community challenges round the year and beat your friends in finding your inner Zen.

NoiseFit Health+

In the NoiseFit app, look for the NoiseFit Health+ section, under which you will find a number of informative video guides addressing both your physical and mental well-being. Simply tap the guide that suits your needs and kickstart your journey to complete wellness.

Yoga Guides

Unlock every chakra in your body with several engaging yoga series.

  • Yin yoga series: This traditionally Chinese workout focuses on replenishing your energy channels via the transfer of heat through your ligaments. This low-intensive series is well-suited for beginners as it promotes positivity and relaxation.
  • Yoga for core strength: To strengthen, stabilise and tone the muscles in your core, you can indulge in this high intensity yoga series. Oriented to both men and women, it can help you in losing weight or achieving a full set of abs.

Meditation Guides

Focus on improving your emotional and mental well-being with meditation guides and sleep stories.

  • Gratitude meditation: Oriented for stress relief, boosting confidence and inducing positivity, this series enables you to experience the power of gratitude. Say goodbye to anxiety and stress as you look to the brighter shades of life.
  • Guided sleep meditation: Let the calming sounds of classical Indian ragas sweep away your fatigue. Improve your daily sleep quality and alleviate anxiety and insomnia as you wake up each morning feeling fresh and energised.
  • Motivational meditation: Accomplish all your goals and keep moving forward in life with access to an endless reservoir of motivation. This series can assist you in battling indecisiveness by stirring confidence and facilitating sound decision making.
  • Sleep stories: Have trouble falling asleep at night? Travel to exotic places as you inch closer to deep, uninterrupted slumber. Journey through space-time with engaging bedtime stories of ancient lands lost in time.

Indulge in a multitude of wellness routines from SARVA, now on the NoiseFit app as you work towards a healthier and happier you.

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