Audi Bosses Drop Huge Future Hints via LinkedIn.


Execs Wenders & Lichte Reveal Great Future Audi Electric Models & Technology ’Spheres’.

Has Audi just confirmed an unexpected trio of electric cars via the social media? That may very well be the case if the video shared by Audi’s senior vice president of brand, Henrik Wenders is anything to go by.

As is becoming the trend among auto industry execs, their personal social media posts are proving ever more relevant. Only a couple of weeks ago, BMW M boss Markus Flasch dropped news of his company’s impending Le Mans return (against Audi, of course) on Instagram. Now Audi has taken it another step as Wenders posted a most revealing YouTube video on his personal LinkedIn page earlier in the week.

Henrik Wenders

Socially Sharing Big News is a New Auto Trend

Wenders and Audi colleague, chief of design, Marc Lichte reveal a chunk of crucial brand info in the video. And its’s exciting stuff, especially if you happen to be a battery Audi fan…

Wenders cuts straight to the point in the smartly executed close to black and white You Tube flick. “Over the next year, we are going to show you what the future looks like with three breathtaking concept cars,” he promises. He goes on to suggest that this news will, “reinvent mobility as we know it today.” He describes the concepts as ‘Spheres’ that showcase unique high class experiences with technology.

“They will recognise you, listen and read wishes in your eyes,” Marc Lichte continues. “They will know your preferences, know what you love and like and where to find it.”

Audi Sky Sphere

The Sky is the Limit

The Audi colleagues waste little time to outline each of their new ’Spheres’. “The Sky Sphere is where the sky is the limit,” Henrik Wenders beams, before explaining that it will be, “a driver’s car and autonomous at the same time.” The profile sketch that flickers onto the screen suggests that the Sky Sphere will be a grand tourer in profile. But wait — does that sky rhetoric not suggest that it is actually a convertible? Time will tell…

Perhaps the most exciting of the three new concepts, the Sky Sphere promises to be an Audi like never before. The outline alludes to a longer and grander car than an A5. More in the realm of a BMW 8 Series or Mercedes S-Class Coupé with a long body and its cabin set well back on the body. As if it had a V12 up front. Even though this one would be electric, and different prospect altogether.

Audi Grand Sphere

Grand Sphere Expectations

Design guru Marc Lichte then takes over to describe the second concept. “Grand sphere is all about grand appearance, immersive and personal and a grand high-class experience for all senses.” If anything, the Grand Sphere appears to be an electric answer to the existing Audi A7 Sportback. A sleek and sexy grand coupe in classic sleek style.

The Audi A7 already delivers a heady level of car to driver interface, so one can only wonder how and where Ingolstadt will make further progress in this regard. So expect the Grand Sphere concept to deliver on a few most attractive connectivity developments. Never mind performance. Especially considering that the existing RS7 is already a petrol power benchmark. Could whatever this car reaches the market as, take on the Tesla Plaid?

Audi Urban Sphere

Private & Personal. At Another Level?

Wenders picks up the baton to describe the final of Audi’s new Spheres. “The Urban Sphere is a private space in an urban environment,” Henrik promises. “Digital and social; involving and perfectly centred around you.” All we know is that the Urban Sphere will be SUV-like in profile. A bit of an electric Q8 with extra sensory perception to serve as your vehicular slave.

Marc Lichte closes off, confirming, “Together they are an expression of how we are creating our future already today.” And Henrik Wenders concludes: “They are all unmistakably Audis.”

Everything else about these Audi ’Spheres’ remains purely speculative. Whether they will be called A9, A7 and Q8 E-Trons, if they are to be developed by Audi’s Artemis skunkworks, and even whether or not they will spawn Porsche and, or Bentley siblings, remains to be seen.

Audi Sky Sphere Lurking?

Audi is Entering an Electric Sphere

All we can tell you is that all three of these concept ‘Spheres’ will likely appear before the end of 2022. And probably appear on Audi showroom floors by 2025, too. Audi already sells the E-Tron, E-Tron GT and Q4 E-Tron, and will soon add the Q6 and A6 E-Trons.

And considering its June announcement that it will launch its final internal-combustion powered car as soon as 2026, this little video may very will be far more significant than many of us give it credit for…

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