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During the resurgence of the COVID-19 pandemic, the turbulent second wave managed to overwhelm the healthcare systems in several parts of the country.

Owning to the pace at which the virus was spreading, the welfare and safety of employees topped the priority list.

In the face of this challenge, Noise being a people-first organisation came up with a number of practical measures to look after the health and safety of its employees.

Several initiatives were announced in favour of extending support and solidarity to everyone within the organisation.

Comprehensive COVID-19 support for Noise employees

From offering at-home doctors to special insurance covers, Noise offered proactive assistance and meaningful health solutions to its entire workforce.

  • Hospitalisation expenses: Health covers were available for employees along with their respective spouses and 2 children, which included smooth facilitation during hospitalisation and TPA approvals.


  • Easy testing: Easy and flexible RT-PCR test appointments, logistical assistance and COVID-19 specific medicines were arranged for staff members along with their near and dear ones.


  • Special insurance covers: For employees who may have been tested positive, a special insurance which covers the cost of home isolation and self-care needs was offered.


  • Doctor on call: Online consultation with a team of doctors to monitor treatment and provide necessary medication was available to all Noise employees.


  • Home quarantine packages: Employees quarantining at home could make use of flexible home quarantine packages which included doctor consultations, procurement of COVID-19 safety kits, medicine prescriptions, access to a thermometer and a pulse oximeter.

Looking ahead to a healthy work environment

Noise has formed a dedicated COVID-19 support group for employees during times of crisis. It is available across every facet of treatment and recovery for employees.

The brand is also working towards successfully organising a workplace vaccination drive for all its employees in the near future. Cultivating healthy ethos involving the welfare of employees is what makes Noise a people-first organisation in 2021.

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