This Trending Target Perfume is Less Than $12… & I Can’t Live Without It!


I dare you to try to find a more affordable and better-smelling scent.

When it comes to trying out trial perfumes, I tread lightly. I have a hard time finding a single scent that I like enough to consistently buy without breaking the bank. That’s until my sister bought me this MIX:BAR Glass Rose brush-on fragrance pen on her weekly Target run. ? Thanks, sis!

MIX:BAR Target travel perfume

When I tell you it was as if the perfume angels shined a spotlight on this fragrance pen, I’m. not. kidding. I was convinced that this had to be an expensive product because it is easily the best scent I’ve ever worn! You can imagine the shock value I had when she told me this Target perfume was…wait for it…only $11.99. ?

Side note, this is totally not a sponsored post. I just had to share my current favorite perfume with you all, especially because it’s so inexpensive! ?

woman using MIX:BAR Glass Rose brush-on fragrance pen

The Glass Rose scent is definitely a confidence booster. Floral perfumes can be intense, but as the name suggests, similar to glass; it’s a delicate, light interpretation of roses, as if roses were in a bouquet mixed with other faint flower scents. As if it couldn’t get better, all products are cruelty-free and vegan. ?

I’ve been carrying the fragrance pen (the one that comes in the smaller 0.14 oz. size) in my purse everywhere I go. Similar to a roll-on, this is a brush-on, which I surprisingly preferred. You just shake the pen, click the bottom of it until the quick-drying gel comes out. From there, I rub my wrists together and on my collar bone, and it lasts me the entire day!

squeezing scented pen squeezed

Once I opened up my For You Page on TikTok, it was all over my feed. I’ve seen some people compare this Target perfume as a dupe to Ariana Grande’s eau de parfum collection, and, although I haven’t personally tried her collection, MIX:BAR is definitely worth a trial run. There’s no harm done in using a product that feels expensive but doesn’t cost a pretty penny!

You can save even more with Target Circle!

BUY 2 MIX:BAR 0.14 oz. Fragrance Pens $11.99 each
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That’s only $9.49 for each perfume pen!

MIXBAR scents in full size bottles

The entirety of the MIX:BAR collection items, available exclusively at Target, are all under $20… even for the full-size versions! And if my favorite Glass Rose fragrance isn’t your jam, the product line has six other unique scents. These scents include Blackberry Tonic, Wood Elixir, Vanilla Bourbon, Cloud Musk, Coconut Palm, and Tangerine Squeeze

And the collection goes further than just perfume!

In addition to the brush-on or spray-perfumes, they also have hair and body mist that costs even less at only $8.99! For a 5 oz. bottle of this intoxicating scent I can’t get enough of, that is seriously a budget beauty steal in my opinion!

MIXBAR mini perfume pack of 5 at Target

If you’re unsure which scent is your favorite and want to try multiple, they offer an Eau De Parfum Scent Discovery Set – 5pc which includes five samples of different scents for only $13.99. Of course, I’m still partial to Glass Rose, which has a five-star rating on Target’s website, might I add. But, in case my opinion isn’t convincing enough…

holding Mix Bar perfume in Target

Here are some other reviews this MIX:BAR Target Perfume has received from users:

“Absolutely great – long-lasting rose perfume. Not heavy like a grandmother scent but light and modern.”

“I usually stay away from florals. I like sweet perfumes but not sweet AND floral. The Glass Rose is perfect for me. It’s light and fresh and doesn’t scream ‘I smell like a flower!’ but the rose scent is really nice.”

“I absolutely love this perfume. I have it in the bottle and the travel roll-on. Don’t hesitate to purchase this scent”

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