Audi CEO Goes Into Rehab for Precautionary Coronavirus Recovery


Back in the Spring, Audi CEO Markus Deusmann was infected by Coronavirus, requiring a two-week quarantine. Thankfully, Duesmann not only felt mild symptoms and made a swift recovery but he also hasn’t experienced any long-term symptoms yet. However, at the advice of his doctors, Duesmann has been checked into a rehab clinic for Covid-19 recovery.


It seems as this is a precautionary rehabilitation, for a few weeks, to make sure he’s in good enough health to continue working full-time. During his rehab, Duesmann will continue to work remotely.


However, especially with Delta variant spikes happening across the globe, Duesmann and his doctors felt it was necessary to get him some rehabilitation, so he could continue to recovery and stay safe. Cases are back on the rise and even vaccinated people are being asked to mask up again and socially distance. Duesmann cautions that even people who are extremely careful can still catch Covid-19, which is why he’s taking this precautionary measure.

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Duesmann will be in this rehabilitation clinic for two or three weeks, keeping safe and staying healthy, so he can return to work at “full-throttle” yet again. During that time, hopefully the world can yet again get a good hold on this virus, so we don’t have to keep locking down.


Don’t expect Audi to stop conducting its usual business, though. Audi’s roadmap is already planned out and Duesmann is still going to work remotely, so expect the ship to run as normal.


“Since we are all well trained in remote working, there is no issue,” and Audi spokesperson said in a recent statement about Duesmann’s rehab.


This is a big time for Audi, with several new big product launches, so Duesmann can’t afford to get sick again and Audi can’t afford his absence. Which makes this rehabilitation seem like a wise decision.


[Source: Automotive News Europe]

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