New GrandSphere Concept’s Interior Is Futuristically Modern


This impressive sedan concept is the first of three planned to preview Audi’s new luxury-class models.

New Direction

These days, Audi is busy transitioning its internal-combustion-powered lineup into EVs, but it’s also working on something a bit less shocking – three new “luxury class” concepts, all with “Sphere” in their names, which are designed to preview the next generation of Audi’s design language. First up we have the GrandSphere, which is destined to replace the A8 atop the automaker’s lineup.

Photos: Audi

Futuristic Cabin

The GrandSphere’s cabin is more luxury airport lounge than automobile, but there’s a very good reason for that – it’s designed to preview the future of autonomous driving. The design is certainly futuristic, with swoopy lines and comfy-looking seats along with a steering wheel that disappears when the car is driving itself.

Photos: Audi

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