The Best Exercise Dress Dupes Under $100


By this point athleisure wear has become its own category of clothing. Long gone are the days of leggings being associated with strictly working out. As we continue to figure out how to navigate our post-quarantine world, one thing has become clear: we don’t want to give up our loungewear lifestyles. After a year of practically living in spandex, most are hard pressed to put on a pair of stiff jeans unless absolutely necessary – and I don’t blame them.

With the evolution of athleisure wear compounded with quarantine expediting obsession-worthy items like the exercise dress from Outdoor Voices, there’s simply not a need to ever look back when it comes to comfortable casual clothes. Thanks to social media platforms like TikTok where everyday products quickly go viral, shoppers knowledge of cult-favorites has given us plenty of options when it comes to duping designer athleisure wear.

What is The Exercise Dress?

I first became aware of the exercise dress through Instagram (shocker, I know). Austin-based athleisure brand Outdoor Voices debuted an instant fan favorite and I fell hard. The moisture wicking fabric and built-in shorts allows this dress to truly do it all. From hiking and yoga to running errands or going to class, the exercise dress was as cute as it was functional – or at least it seemed that way.

At first I completely fell for the exercise dress kool-aid. It gave me sporty spice vibes that spoke to my ’90s child soul however, it’s price point and design details did not. First, it’s expensive. Spending a hundred dollars on a single item of clothing may not be much to some but for a lot of shoppers it was down right irresponsible. While I convinced myself on the first few (or more) purchases that it was a great transition piece that would certainly get a lot of use, I couldn’t overlook key flaws like un-adjustable straps and its built-in shorts inability to stay put.

With a price tag of $100 I felt I shouldn’t have to compromise but without any dupes available I continued to fall victim to my shopping habits. I knew it was only a matter of time before a savvy brand found a way to put their twist on the iconic dress and alas, I was right. Here are some of the best exercise dress dupes that won’t break the bank and give the original a run for its money.

The Best Exercise Dress Dupes

The Exercise Dress – $100

I couldn’t write about athleisure dresses without mentioning the one that sparked my love affair, The Exercise Dress from Outdoor Voices. While I previously mentioned its flaws eventually led me to stop purchasing new colors, Outdoor Voices has listened to customers and updated their original design. The new exercise dress now features adjustable straps and improved built-in shorts featuring grips.

In My Feels Everyday Dress – $49.95

For half the price and triple the color options, Halara’s In My Feels Everyday Dress is what dupe dreams are made of. The 2-in-1 dress features a silky yet breathable lightweight fabric that is lined and features built-in shorts. It has thin straps that form a fun teardrop racerback for added detail.

Euphoria Air Adjustable Dress – $49.95

Also from Halara is the similar yet different Euphoria Air 2-in-1 everyday dress. Halara’s exercise dress features a similar teardrop racerback design however its straps are adjustable. In addition to adjustable straps, the lightweight dress also features a longer inseam for more coverage.

OFFLINE Dress – $54.95

Aerie is a fan favorite because of their silky cool fabrics, inclusive sizing and designs. The OFFLINE dress seamlessly fits into their lineup of instant classics. Featuring a soft nylon fabric and built-in shorts, the OFFLINE dress makes a fun statement with criss-cross straps in the back.

Traveler Mini Dress – $69

Abercrombie has undergone quite the rebranding and as of lately it seems that just about every influencer has been seen in their traveler mini dress. The plain yet flattering mini dress features a stretchy material that’s made to move with you plus built-in shorts and adjustable straps. Personally, I like the spaghetti straps and non-racerback design. If you’re interested in any of the eight available colors or prints I highly recommend adding to cart while you still can – this dress has been known to sell out fast.

Workout Dress from KuaCua – $31.99

Who doesn’t love a good Amazon find? To be honest, some of my favorite athleisure pieces are from Amazon. It’s not hard to tell why the women’s workout dress from KuaCua is an Amazon best-seller. The workout dress is made of a stretchy and cool nylon/spandex blend, 4-way stretch, removable cups and built-in shorts. The workout dress is available in fifthteen different colors and patterns. Please note that depending on which color or pattern you choose, the straps may or may not be adjustable. Price will differ depending on your option.

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