Tips and Tricks To Take Pictures Like An Aced Photographer


With so many high-resolution lenses embedded in different types of cameras, here are a few tips and tricks to take stunning pictures like an aced photographer. 

Photography enthusiasts often do a lot more than just pointing the focus and shooting. You might have often seen how professional photographers consider a lot of factors when it comes to some specific shots, such as sunsets/sunrise, landscapes around lakes, and so on. Basically, for a photographer to ace a shot, he/she must consider the right subject, background, lighting, angles, and more.

Besides, once you get the hang of the angles and lighting, your shots would surely stand out the best! So, if you’re starting with photography as new learning, then here are a few tips and tricks you must follow to take pictures like an aced photographer.

Let’s dig in then. 

1. Avoid Too Much Lighting

Lighting, too little or too much, can completely ruin pictures. What matters is the right amount of light falling on the subject that brings out the true aesthetics of the shot.  Understanding lighting in photography is like its foundation, depending on the shot you want to take, you can decide on the lighting. Just like sunsets or the “golden hour” brings out stunning sun-kissed pictures and blue hour adds more edge to landscape shots. Here’s a pro tip- if you wish to take landscape pictures, then it’s best to try a mini drone camera for it, as it can beautifully capture the view from alleviated angles too.

That’s not all, whatever camera you have, study the lighting first before taking the shot. Some professional photographers suggest that observe the light source to see how it falls on the subject matter for a perfect shot. You have to check for shadows, which means too much or harsh light, which can ruin the shots.

So, for that one incredible shot, check out the lighting first and then proceed to set the focus and angles; and brings us to the next point- the focal point!

2. Pick a Strong Focal Point

Portraits, food photography, or just a picture of a random subject, the most essential point to keep in mind is the focal point or what most pro photographers call the ‘focus’. One of your photography fundamentals is to pick a strong focal point, which can capture your viewers’ attention; so choose the focal point carefully to bring out the aesthetics of the shot.

And once you figure out the focal point, you can work around it to make your subject stand out in the picture. Undoubtedly, the focal point determines, to a certain extent, how eye-catchy will your picture be! Besides, if videography also interests you, then don’t forget to check with the focal length in this case.

3. Find Your Right Angle

You must have heard terms like top angle, low angle, or mid-waist. Well, in photography angles can change the way one sees a picture. And that’s the magic of angles! Or what professional photographers call it- composition.

Setting the angle right for a subject isn’t just limited to positioning the camera. It’s also about understanding the ‘rule of thirds’ or in simple words, check whether the gridlines are falling in alignment with the position of your camera. Whether you’re using a smartphone or a DSLR camera, set the angle right and you’ll end clicking some fascinating pictures. Some professionals also suggest that instead of taking the camera facing you straight, you must try a low or high angle to make your pictures look stunning.

4. Bring Some Depth

Many pro photographers often point out the depth, as it brings edge pictures rather than making it look boring and flat. If you follow some established photographers, observe the backgrounds and ground elements, which add a lot more beauty to the subject. And that’s what they call the depth.

Well, some photographers often add depth to their pictures using the bokeh effect. This means they intentionally use out-of-focus blur to make the subject stand out. But the catch is to use this effect with soft warm backgrounds, as in such cases the subject seems to pop out well. So, the best way to use the bokeh effect is to bring the subject close to the camera and shoot in front of a distant background. This effect turns out stunningly well if you use a zoom lens and use it at the maximum focal length. And once you can crack this effect, you are not too far from becoming a pro-photographer.

5. Pick the Right Lens

Well, the last yet most essential aspect of photography is the lens. Now you have multiple options in the type of cameras as well as the lens. Whether it’s an action camera, drone, or DSLR, the right kind of lens with your skills can turn a normal picture into a memorable one. That’s not all. Your subject also matters when comes to choose the lens. For food photography, 24-70mm zoom lens works great but for portraits, you better go for 85mm.

However, for traveling and landscape shots, it’s always best to go for a wide-angle lens. Besides, if you’ve got a DSLR, then you can also use the cropped sensor, which treats a 50mm lens like an 80mm lens. Also, if you’ve got a cropped sensor embedded in your camera, then pick lenses that are re-usable even when you think of upgrading.

Well, to achieve an edge in photography, we hope these professional photography tips will help you. Besides, there are more subtle and incredible tips and tricks to click pictures like a professional. These 5 tips might help you in understanding techniques better but your end product will only turn out perfect with good editing, proper tools and complete knowledge of your camera, and more. Why wait then, try out these tips and tricks using quality cameras. And don’t forget to practice it often to get hold of the skill faster. So, grab your camera and kick start your photography journey and for cameras and their gears, do check out Chinavasion.

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