The Best Cheap Accent Chairs Under $200


Let’s face it- buying a new set of furniture isn’t necessarily friendly to your bank account. While you can certainly score big discounts during seasonal furniture sales, the majority of the time you’re likely to end up financing or attempting to piece together a semi-matching set. Personally, I don’t believe that you need to spend oodles of cash to make a statement with furniture or that spending more is the only option for creating a space that feels cohesive and representative of your personal style. Fortunately, I am not the only person with this mindset – there are tons of options for cheap furniture and, of those, the accent chair reigns supreme.

How to Style an Accent Chair

Have you ever felt like a room or space in your house was missing something but you couldn’t quite put your finger on what exactly? Enter the accent chair. It’s a simple and functional (OK, can be functional) way to add a bit of pizzazz to a room without congesting the space with bulky furniture or overpowering decor. Accent chairs are also a great way to weave design personality throughout your home.

Styling an accent chair is easy– first you should decide on what style speaks most to you and your home. Although I say this matter of factly, I personally love a mix of design styles from traditional to mid-century and even a pinch of southern charm. Needless to say, this mix of styles can clash easily. It also doesn’t help that I’m a sucker for a good Target collaboration and trendy pieces. While I’ll never deny myself a new trinket or throw pillow (seriously, I have a throw pillow problem) I try and stay mindful of my colorful range of styles to avoid reckless spending and claustrophobia-inducing decor.

Cheap Accent Chairs Under $200

These accent chairs may be cheap, but their appearance suggests anything but that. Don’t let a price tag fool you– these accent chairs are the missing piece to your home’s puzzle. Shop our favorite cheap accent chairs that elevate a room for under $200.

Brookside Claire Leather Barrel Accent Chair with Hairpin Legs – $175.94 (was $191.49)

For under $200, this leather barrel accent chair can be worked into a variety of design styles. It’s modern and masculine yet its curved back and hairpin legs are delicate touches. I can easily see this chair in a nook with a neutral textured pillow. The Brookside Claire barrel chair comes fabric and faux leather finishes as well as charcoal, gray and navy colorways.

Copper Grove Boulogne Suri Blue Swoop Chair – $164.06 (was $246.99)

If you’re a bit hesitant to add color or pattern into a space, I suggest looking for muted or neutral tones. While muted can often be confused for dull, this swoop chair proves that’s not always the case. The blue and gray hues of this chair can be mixed into a modern farmhouse look or traditional design without being distracting or being overwhelming. With almost seven hundred 4.5 star reviews, I’d say it’s just as comfortable as it is stylish.

McDonough Modern Tufted Glam Accent Chair – $199 (was $249.99)

Glam is certainly right when it comes to this rich velvet tufted accent chair featuring a modern brass leg design. Also available in a deep teal, the brass U-shaped base elevates this chair to a conversation piece. Style it on its own or as a pair, you can’t go wrong with this glam accent chair.

Archibald Fabric Upholstered Accent Chair – $197.10 (was $219.00)

This cozy accent chair gives me coastal california vibes or even a bit of hygge. Either way, I can totally see myself sitting here relaxing with a good book. Its natural colored wooden legs and neutral fabric make it the perfect transition piece.

Sauder Coral Cape Lounge Chair – $182.99 (was $274.99)

It took a lot of self control to not instantly buy this chair when I first laid eyes on it. To me, it’s the definition of a cool accent chair. It’s riddled with details including wooden and brass accents and its plush neutral cushions are oh-so-inviting.

Cheap Accent Chairs Under $150

Scalloped Blush Velvet Vanity Chair – $139.99

You will certainly be sitting pretty on this scalloped-back blush velvet accent chair, perfect for a vanity or getting-ready area. It’s feminine and glam with its rich velvet texture and brass legs that give a touch of modern detail. The best part (aside its price) is that it’s available in an array of eight colors.

Brayden Tufted Club Chair – $132.79 (was $165.99)

If you’re into mid-century design, this tufted club chair was made for you. With textured fabric cushions and a sleek wooden frame, this accent chair is comfortable as it is attractive. I personally love this rust color (that’s also on trend) but if that’s not your style you can choose from one of the other five fabric choices.

Leather Tufted Nailhead Trim Accent Chair – $148.99

This accent chair gives me chic rustic vibes a la Yellowstone. It’s tough and masculine, but nailhead trim and brass foot detail elevate this accent chair to more than just a regular rustic leather chair. This chair would look great as a pair or complimenting your favorite house plant.

Carson Carrington Kjerringvag Leisure Chair – $149.49

Another win for those who can’t get enough of the naturalist look. This retro chair gives off clean mid-century lines while its light wood and neutral cushion seamlessly fit into any room. Pair this chair with a table, or keep it on its own. The chair is also available in a cool black that looks as if it came straight from the set of “Mad Men,” as well as in a groovy olive green.

Wide Tufted Slipper Chair – $139.99

Classic, modern, traditional… whichever style you prefer, this tufted slipper chair will match perfectly. It’s cozy and can be used in numerous ways such as dining seating or next to an accent table. The wide design means it’s comfortable and functional. This accent chair is available in gray, cream and charcoal.

Now that you’ve got your accent chair(s) sorted, here are some of my personal tips for cultivating your space on a budget:

  • Pick a color palette. Although you do not need to be married to a specific color palette, mixing complementary colors throughout your home will seamlessly invite visitors from room to room. It will also aid in fusing different design styles together.
  • Be thoughtful when mixing woods and finishes. Whether its real or faux, pay attention to the stain and finish of furniture in a room. For example, if you have a cherrywood bed frame selecting white glossy nightstands may look a bit odd. You don’t have to match every single wood either in a room, but sticking to a particular tone, such as natural woods, rattan and wickers together, grays and cooler toned woods, etc. certainly pulls together a space.
  • Incorporate an accent color or finish. Let’s say you have a cream-colored sofa and have mixed in neutral pillows, playing with a pastel or colorful piece of art or statement throw pillow will give character without distracting from the intended clean vibe. Another way of adding a statement is by picking an accent finish like brass or chrome. You can achieve this through picture frames, decorative objects, lighting and even furniture details.

My last design tip is to minimize the amount of ultra-trendy design accents or avoid styling an entire room based on one collection, designer or trend. This is not to say that you shouldn’t indulge in current trends but, like building a wardrobe, it’s good to always have solid basics that can be complemented with trendy accessories. Additionally, although it’s very easy to get sucked into a certain design collection, it’s also just as easy to turn a space into a showroom. Lastly, don’t stress and have fun – this is your home after all.

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