Misha Charoudin Used the Audi RS6 Avant to Help Flood Victims in Germany


I always like to joke that I have the least important job in the world, to anyone who inquires about what I do. Objectively speaking, my job isn’t very important to the world; I drive fast cars and talk about them. Not exactly ending world hunger. However, sometimes one of us car journalists/bloggers/vloggers actually does something of real importance. Recently Misha Charoudin did just that by using his Audi RS6 Avant test vehicle to help flood victims in Germany.


Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve likely seen the countless videos of devastating floods rampaging Germany. Cars were destroyed, homes completely flood, infrastructure was heavily damaged, and there was even a house that floated away and hit a bridge. Germany received over two months worth of rain in just a couple of days, causing some of the heaviest flooding the country’s ever seen.


During that time, Charoudin lost his own personal car to the floods and his place of work — the Nürburgring — was being used became a relief center for flood victims. Charoudin also ironically happened to have an Audi RS6 Avant test car during all of this. The RS6 was delivered to him prior to the floods, he filmed a Nürburgring lap video, and then the floods came.


He could have just let the car sit, safe from the floods, and called it a day. Instead, though, he put together a team of volunteers and decided to provide aid and relief to flood victims. He used the Audi RS6 Avant to shuttle volunteers, people in need of help, and countless supplies around Germany during his time with it. Not only was he doing an objectively good thing, he was also proving just how versatile and capable the RS6 is.


What Charoudin did was fantastic, there are no two ways about it. However, Audi of Germany sent him an email, displeased with how he treated the vehicle and told him they expect it back in “flawless” condition. His response was far kinder than mine would have been, after he’d just essentially provided Audi with the best PR it could possibly imagine; using its most high-performance wagon to not only help people in need but also prove its incredible versatility. Audi should be thanking him and should issue him an apology.


However, as impressed as we are with Charoudin’s kindness, we’re also impressed with the Audi RS6 Avant. While Audi is known for making vehicles that can handle rough terrain and bad weather, the RS6 Avant is still a low-riding, sharp handling performance car, not one designed for flood relief work. And yet not only was it capable of doing so, it excelled. So thank you, Misha.



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