Huge Sale on Indoor & Outdoor Houseplants!


These houseplants are so pretty and will make every room a lush haven!

Zulily is back with their hugely popular sale on indoor & outdoor houseplants right now!

There are so many beautiful varieties to choose from in this sale including succulents, prayer plants, air plants, pothos, philos, begonias, alocasia, snake plants, ferns, and so much more. Many of them include a pot as well.

Many of these are difficult to find in-stores or at local nurseries, so it’s a great chance to grab some harder-to-find houseplants!

Shipping is free on orders over $45 today when you shop through our link! Otherwise, shipping starts at $5.99. And if you place one order today, the rest of your orders will ship for FREE through 11:59 p.m. PT tonight!

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