LEGO Bonsai Tree Building Kit Just $40 Shipped on Amazon or (Regularly $50)


Amazon has dropped the price on this popular LEGO set! 

Dash on over to Amazon or Walmart where you can snag this LEGO Bonsai Tree Building Set for only $40 shipped (regularly $49.99)

Note, if ordering from Amazon this set is currently out of stock, however, you can order now to lock in those savings, and it will ship as soon as it becomes available.

Featuring 878 pieces, this soothing Bonsai Tree Lego set comes with interchangeable pieces so you can style the bonsai tree model with classic green leaves or vibrant pink cherry blossom blooms. It also comes with a rectangular pot and a slatted LEGO wood-effect stand that’s elegant making it easy to display. Even better, there’s a sweet frog figurine hidden within the cherry blossom leaves.

completed LEGO Bonsai Tree with pink flowers

Not convinced you need it yet? Check out these reviews…

This was a valentine’s day gift that was a real winner. We built the tree together which added to the overall satisfaction. The tree itself is a bit wobbly, you have to be careful moving it around or things around it. It looks full and lush in its pink format, but the green is a bit thin. If you have other Legos it is easy to supplement the leave pattern either with other plants or your favorite green accents. Lots of compliments from co-workers now that it has moved into the office.

This is one of the best LEGO released this year 2021, I love the Cherry Blossom version of it, and is displayed over the table in my living room.

What do you get the man who has everything? Legos! As usual, they did not disappoint. This was a hit for Valentine’s Day and both my husband and I were just in awe of the quality of the little pink “petals” (they’re actually teensie frogs!!). 10/10 would recommend every time.

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