Nomad Mount MagSafe iPhone stand


The design team over at Nomad have created a new desktop MagSafe iPhone stand aptly named the MagSafe Mount Stand making it now available to purchase priced at $59.95. Thanks to the addition of the magnetic connection the iPhone stand allows you to position your phone both in landscape and portrait orientations and will charge in both positions. The MagSafe iPhone stand supports all iPhone 12 models and will most likely support the new iPhone 13 phone currently in the final stages of development and production by Apple.

Apple is expected to launch their new iPhone 13 next month during September 2021 and will roll out the new and highly anticipated iOS 15 mobile operating system at the same time. The iPhone stand has been machined from a solid block of zinc alloy for its density and weight and offers the speed and convenience of MagSafe in combination with a perfectly weighted charging base to achieve the best at-home charging experience possible. Unfortunately an Apple MagSafe Charger is not supplied with the iPhone stand but is available to purchase separately from the Apple online store.

“MagSafe Mount Stand provides a vertically-oriented frame for your charger so you can charge at your desk while keeping an eye on your screen. The stand makes it easy to watch Netflix while charging in landscape mode or check emails while charging in portrait mode.”

Nomad Mount MagSafe iPhone stand

“Take advantage of the 15W fast charging with MagSafe Mount Stand. The design and weight of MagSafe Mount Stand make it simple and convenient to remove your iPhone with just one hand, so you can get going without any funny phone fiddling.”

Source : Nomad


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