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Gamers know that a comfortable chair is clutch when hours of playing time are at stake. When shopping for your perfect gaming chair, don’t get played by vendors who want to sell you overpriced chairs. There are a lot of sales to be scored online and we found them so that you can level up your gaming setup without breaking the bank.

There are two main types of gaming chairs, both built so you can focus on the competition on the screen rather than battling for comfort.

  • PC gaming chairs are often referred to as “racing chairs.” They tend to have higher backs, like what you find in an office, but with some seriously enhanced features. Most PC gaming will take place at a desk, so comfort and ergonomics are important. 
  • Console gaming (i.e. Xbox, PlayStation, etc.) chairs are positioned close to the ground, often directly on the floor with no legs. Console gaming chairs more resemble a recliner, since most console gaming will be done on a television set. 

Both types of gaming chairs feature added padding, lumbar and headrest support. A good gaming chair will include easy adjustments for the arm, head and footrests, and the ability to swivel and recline. The more enhanced the chair – with features like reclines, footrests and speakers – the higher the price tag will be on the chair.

We went to Amazon to discover the best deals on their top-selling models so that you can be in control of making the right gaming chair purchase. Use this helpful guide to spend less time shopping and more time playing.  

Best Deal on PC Gaming Chair (45% off)

GTRACING Gaming Chair


The GTRACING Gaming Chair is fully adjustable, from the 3D armrest to the height of the chair and a seat that features angle support from 90 to 170 degrees. Comfort features include a padded seat, a thick and soft arm pad and lumbar and headrest cushions. The gaming chair is available in five different color options, with the biggest sale being the all-black chair. 

Why We Love It: This chair includes all the requisite adjustment and comfort features at a serious discount. The adjustable nature of the chair makes it an ideal option if you will be swapping out multiple players.

Things to Consider: The discount is determined by the color, so if you don’t like the sale options, you may pay a little more. 

Promising Review: “Sitting in it all day and no problems. Very comfortable for working and gaming. Pretty easy to assemble and I really love the lower lumbar support.” – Amazon customer E.Mathias

From $99.99 at

Best PC Gaming Chair Under $100 (33% off)

Homall S-Racer Gaming Chair

Homall S-Racer Gaming Chair
Image: / Homall

Description: The gold-medal features on Homall S-Racer Gaming Chair include the ability to recline between 90 and 180 degrees and to rock back and forth with a simple knob adjustment. The chair is engineered from high-density foam and PU leather constructed on a thick steel frame. The weight capacity is 300 pounds.

Why We Love It: There’s a reason this chair is a best seller on Amazon, so jump on the chance to purchase it for under $100. 

Things to Consider: The black and white version of this chair is currently on sale for under $100. Other models are priced higher, with some available at a sale price. 

Promising Review: “My son bought this chair for playing Xbox. He loves it. The chair rocks and reclines just as described. My 12 year old put this together all by himself, so it is easy to assemble.” – Amazon customer Michelle

$99.99 at

Best Gaming Chair with Speakers (up to 16% off)

GTRACING Gaming Chair with Speakers

GTRACING Gaming Chair with Speakers

This GTRACING chair is built like the model listed at the top of this list, but also includes Bluetooth surround sound speakers to enhance the gaming experience. The chair is available in five colors, with discounts going up to 16% depending on the color selection. In addition to the speakers, the chair features recline and adjustment comfort features. 

Why We Love It: The Bluetooth surround sound speakers will immerse you in the game in this discounted GTRACING chair. 

Things to Consider: If you are not looking for surround sound, comparable models can be found for a cheaper price. 

Promising Review: “I got this as a birthday present, and it is the most comfortable chair I have ever had, with lovely support. The speakers work great and are positioned perfectly, and the all-around design is perfect. 10/10, would buy again.” – Amazon customer Anna Roybal

From $139.99 at

Best Heavy-Duty Gaming Chair (29% off)

BOSSIN Racing Style Gaming Chair

BOSSIN Racing Style Gaming Chair
Image: / BOSSIN

The BOSSIN Racing Style Gaming Chair is heavy-duty, able to support up to 400 pounds, and does so comfortably with an extra-large, padded cushion and extendable footrest. The height is adjustable, and the backrest can be moved easily from 90 to 155 degrees. The padded armrests are not adjustable, however. The chair is available in six colors, with the best discounts coming on the black or black and red models. 

Why We Love It: A little extra space and a little extra support goes a long way for a chair you will be spending a lot of time in. 

Things to Consider: You can adjust most components of the chair, but the armrests stay put. 

Promising Review: “My husband loves his. It took him about 10 minutes to put together and he said “it’s like a cloud!” Lol Ordering one for myself soon!” – Amazon customer Carina Rae

From $99.99 at

Best Gaming Chair for Kids (25 to 50% off)

FDP Soft Youth Floor Video Rocker

FDP Soft Youth Floor Video Rocker
Image: / FDP

There are no bells and whistles with the FDP Soft Youth Floor Rocker, but the comfort is the key component. The chair is ergonomically designed and at 15 pounds is lightweight enough to be moved between rooms. It features a polyurethane exterior for easy spill cleanups. Bonus points: No assembly required. 

Why We Love It: Gaming isn’t all you can do with this versatile chair – it can be used for reading, relaxing and much more. 

Things to Consider: The chair is designed for kids, so even if you are drawn to its comfort it is not built to handle an adult’s weight. 

Promising Review: “Bought three of these for my very rough 8 year olds and they are awesome. They love them and have held up well even with all the acrobatics they do with them.” – Amazon customer Jennine Russo

$43.65 at

Best Basic Floor Gaming Chair (25% off)

Oristus Swivel Gaming Floor Chair

Oristus Swivel Gaming Floor Chair
Image: / Oristus

The Oristus Swivel is a unique gaming chair that sits close to the floor, with a slightly elevated base that allows you to swivel while sitting. The chair can be fixed in five positions ranging from 50 to 90 degrees. The base cover can be removed, and the chair can be folded for easy storage. Five color options are available. 

Why We Love It: You can swivel and sit in comfort with this no-frills gaming chair, without having to worry about a frustrating assembly process. The convenient fold and store option makes it ideal for small spaces.

Things to Consider: If you prefer extra features like speakers, move on to the next option and prepare to pay more. 

Promising Review: “I was initially on the fence about this, as I wasn’t sure how much I’d use it. Took a chance and I’m glad I did. Really comfortable chair, folds up nice, lightweight and stylish. I still suck at playing video games, but this chair was a total win for me.” – Amazon customer Ryan

$79.99 at

Best Floor Gaming Chair with Features (under 10% off)

X Rocker 5110501 24K Floor Rocker

X Rocker 5110501 24K Floor Rocker
Image: / X Rocker

The X Rocker 5110501 24K is a comfy rocker that has padded armrests and reclines into different playing positions. But what really makes this chair stand out is the integrated Bluetooth audio system. Two speakers sit in the headrest and the backrest includes a subwoofer. The audio system is compatible with most gaming systems. 

Why We Love It: You can create a personal home theater with this rocking gaming chair that includes a quality audio system.

Things to Consider: X Rocker does offer a few different models of gaming chairs, but this floor rocker is the only one currently on sale on Amazon.

Promising Review: “Comfortable, and great for a grown man. The Bluetooth works great, love the speakers. I got this for my boyfriend months ago and it’s still in great condition. I had high expectations for $200 and this chair was worth it 100%!” – Amazon customer Janiece

$185.53 at

Best Recliner (25 to 50% off)

Homall Gaming Recliner Chair

Homall Gaming Recliner Chair
Image: / Homall

The Homall Recliner Chair earns points for its three reclining modes from 90 to 180 degrees and elevated footrest, but it’s the extra padding in the headrest and built-in lumbar support that level up this chair. Even better, the PU leather on the outside of the chair is water-resistant and designed for easy cleaning. 

Why We Love It: Stage this recliner chair in your living room, bedroom or at a desk for versatile and comfortable gaming. 

Things to Consider: Some customers report that the chair may not be the best fit for those on the taller side.

Promising Review: “Excellent quality for the money. Looks sharp, you’d be hard pressed to find a better, more comfortable gaming chair at this price! Highly recommended! Easy assembly, too.” – Amazon customer RyanG

$117.99 at

Best Pedestal Gaming Chair (up to 25% off)

X Rocker 5127401 SE 2.1 Black Leather Video Gaming Chair

X Rocker 5127401 SE 2.1
Image: / X Rocker

Description: The X Rocker 5127401 SE 2.1 faux leather gaming chair sits on a small pedestal that allows you to tilt and swivel while playing. The chair includes two speakers built into the headrest area and a subwoofer positioned by your back. The audio system connects wirelessly, or you can connect to an audio source via one of the jacks in the audio controls. It can even connect to multiple chairs for multiplayer surround sound. The chair can be folded for easy storage. 

Why We Love It: Put yourself on a pedestal with this comfortable chair that features an easy-to-use audio system and convenient fold and store option. 

Things to Consider: The enhanced audio features take this chair to a higher price point.

Promising Review: “It is super comfortable, leans back well and has some awesome features for immersive gaming.” – Amazon customer Larrissa Panther

$168.25 at

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