13 Pet Food Delivery Services to Try Now


If you haven’t at least thought about using a pet food delivery service, now is the time. With options ranging from kibble formulas customized for your cat or dog to all-natural fresh meals that come prepackaged — your best buddy has a world of healthy, convenient mealtime options just waiting for him.

Not only is having a delivery service for pets way easier than lugging huge bags of food home, it also puts your pet’s nutritional needs front-and-center. As you consider the different options, take your pet’s age, breed and health into account. Many pet food delivery plans provide variations that can help support specific needs such as maintaining a healthy weight, or providing additional nutrients for joint health, for instance. 

Your veterinarian can help guide you. Switching dog food or cat food should be done slowly, but is often worth it in the long-run.

The final factor to take into account is price. There are often savings (of time and money) to be had by having your pet’s usual food delivered on an automated schedule. Or, if you upgrade to a food that’s custom or fresh, you’ll pay a premium for making an upgrade. But most pet food delivery services are so confident that you and your pet will love them, they offer steep discounts at sign-up. Prices for custom pet food delivery vary widely based on the type of food you opt for and the size and age of your pet. Expect to see starting plans around $25 per month for custom kibble, all the way up to $140 for a large pet eating fresh. (Don’t miss these other pet freebies and deals!)

Below, we’ve gathered up our favorite  pet delivery services in the major categories. Your pet’s mealtime is about to get even better.

Fresh Food Delivery for Pets, Science-Based:

Just Food For Dogs

Service: Don’t be fooled by the name. Just Food for Dogs offers scientifically researched and veterinarian-developed meals using fresh, human grade ingredients for both dogs and cats.

A pioneer in the fresh, natural pet meal plan space, Just Food for Dogs offers a surprising array of meal types including fresh frozen, pantry-stable, and even prescription diets, developed by a large, dedicated team of veterinarians. Their diets have even been proven healthy through peer-reviewed studies.

These natural pet food meals are cooked in two master kitchens and nine smaller kitchens that are open to the public in California, Chicago, New York and Washington. Taking a quiz on their website will help you determine the best meal types for your pet using ingredients like beef, chicken, lamb and fish.

Value: There’s a 35% discount offered on your first subscription order and 5% off recurring orders. Just Food for Dogs describes their pricing as mission-based, meaning they keep the prices low, so more pets can eat fresh. 

Perks: You don’t have to subscribe right away. You can buy and try any of their meal types directly by ordering from their site as well as pick up a meal at any Petco. While we love the flexibility they offer with one-time purchase options, we have a feeling the subscription deal is what most pet parents go for. 

Fresh Cat Food Delivery


Image: Smalls.com

Service: Smalls is a subscription-based food delivery service for cats that offers human-grade fresh wet food, and raw freeze-dried food as a better-for-your-cat kibble alternative. 

Laser-focused on cat nutrition, Smalls offer three fresh protein options and two textures, to please even the most finicky feline. And for cats who like crunch, they have chicken, turkey and duck available in the freeze-dried raw formulations.

Value: After taking a short quiz, Smalls recommends a custom “sampler” box with a few of their flavors, designed to transition your cat over the course of a couple weeks. They offer 25% off that first box, plus a money-back guarantee. After that, the least expensive plans cost around $2 a day.

Perks: Smalls offers monthly delivery and the ability to change your plan at any time. They also say you can look forward to your cat having more energy, less shedding (and hairballs) and a litter box that’s not so stinky!

Basic Fresh Food Delivery for Pets

Nom Nom Now

Nom Nom Now
Image: NomNomNow.com

Service: Nom Nom Now is another high-quality fresh food delivery service for both dogs and cats. A quiz on their website will guide you to one of a handful of recipes that’s right for your pet based on age, breed and lifestyle. Each recipe is formulated by a board-certified veterinary nutritionist and uses whole ingredients like pork, turkey, chicken or beef.

Value: Pet owners who want to jump right in, can start a two-week trial and then receive 20% off their first order.

Perks: Dog-owners can try their food before subscribing through a variety pack. 

Fresh Food Delivery for Dogs With Most Convenient Packaging


Image: MyOllie.com

Service: Ollie is another major player in the fresh dog food delivery service space, but serves dogs only. Canine veterinary nutritionists have developed four human-grade recipes to choose from, including beef, turkey, chicken and lamb.

Value: Subscribe and get 50% off your first delivery from this company that prides itself on being fuss-free.

Perks: The nutrition and ingredients are high-quality, but the convenience factor is key. Each meal comes with an easy-open lid, a “leftover tray” for storage in the fridge, and a special scooper to help you portion your dog’s meals just right.

Best Money-Back Guarantee


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Image Petplate.com

Service: After taking a quiz to share key characteristics about your dog, PetPlate will help you determine the best meal plan and portions for your pup. Much like other fresh options for dogs, you’ll receive frozen, fresh, whole food delivered right to your door.

Value: New subscribers get 25% off their first order.

Perks: While there is no way to test out a sample for PetPlate, there is a 100% money-back guarantee on your first order if you and your dog are not completely satisfied with your food.

Anyone on the fence can also start with a meal Topper Plan instead. This adds some fresh-cooked food to your pup’s current diet, as Toppers can be mixed in with current food.

Fresh or Dried Dog Food Delivery

Spot & Tango

Spot and Tango
Image: Spot & Tango

Service: Cooked fresh and ready to serve, Spot & Tango specializes in personalized meal plans for dogs with only 12 simple, locally-sourced, all-natural ingredients. They also offer what they call un-kibble: fresh ingredients, dried for kibble-like convenience. A quiz on their website can help you determine what’s best for your dog.

Value: Spot & Tango offers 20% off your first order plus a risk-free, two-week trial. UnKibble plans start at $1 per day, Fresh plans start at $2 per day and all meal plans include free shipping. 

Perks: You can add-on healthy “snacks,” which are their version of treats, at $12 per bag, plus they say you’ll see a difference in your dog’s coat, energy level and overall health.

This dog food service delivers fresh and nutritional pet food made with simple, vet-developed recipes. Personalized, pre-made and pre-portioned plans are customized to your dog’s individual needs, and right now you can get 50% off your first order.

Fresh Dog Food Delivery with Eco-Friendly Packaging

The Farmer’s Dog

The Farmer's Dog
Image: TheFarmersDog.com

Service: The Farmer’s Dog dog food service delivers fresh and nutritional pet food made with simple, vet-developed recipes. Personalized, pre-made and pre-portioned plans are customized to your dog’s individual needs, after taking a quiz on the website. Recipes are vet-developed and prepared with human-grade fresh meats and veggies, and delivered to your door.

Value: The Farmer’s Dog offers 50% off your first order. Meals plans vary based on the needs of your dog, but are comparable to other fresh food delivery services.

Perks: The environmentally-friendly packaging is well done. Your delivery arrives in a recyclable cardboard box with biodegradable insulation. You can compost it or even just put it in the sink, run some water over it and it will dissolve down the drain. Each shipment also includes a food storage that is also biodegradable, and food packs are made from BPA-free materials.

Customized Kibble Delivery Service for Dogs

Personalized Kibble for Dogs

Tailored Pet

Tailored Pet
Image: TailoredPet.com

Service: After you build a quick profile for your pet on the website, Tailored Pet creates a custom blend of kibble based on your dog’s breed, age, lifestyle and health needs. Each recipe is formulated by on-staff vets and nutrition experts. Their customized food is made with high-quality meats, fish and veggies and cooked in the U.S.A.

Value: Tailored Pet’s pricing is comparable to a specialty blend you might find in any pet store, with sample plans on the site starting at $25 per month. New subscribers get 50% off and free shipping on your first order plus 10% future savings and a money-back guarantee.

Perks: For those who prefer the convenience and affordability of kibble, this is a unique and high-quality middle ground between fresh food delivery and store-bought kibble.

Store-Bought Food Delivery Services for Pets

Pet Food Delivery, Unique Finds

Pet Supermarket

Pet Supermarket
Image: PetSupermarket.com

Service: Pet Supermarket sells a unique variety of food, supplies, and toys for cats, dogs, fish, birds, reptiles and other small animals. You’re likely to discover some innovative products and interesting brands as you browse dry food, wet food, biscuits, chews, jerky and more. They even have a time-release feeding block for fish — perfect for going on vacation.

Value: Pet Supermarket also has 30% off your first auto-ship order and exclusive discounts running with RetailMeNot so you can always save on your unique finds.

Perks: Pet Supermarket thinks carefully about it’s customer’s needs, curating seasonal selections, like a hurricane preparedness category, and offers delivery, in-store and curbside pickup options.

Pet Auto-Ship with Vet Access


Image: Chewy.com

Service: Chewy is already the go-to pet food delivery service for many pet parents, offering over 1,000 pet food brands as well as toys, medication, treats and other pet supplies.

Value: If you already have a pet food you love, and Chewy carries it, they’ll give you a whopping 35% off your fist auto-ship order and an extra 5% off repeat deliveries after that.

Perks: To sweeten the deal, Chewy also offers its auto-ship customers access to live chats with licensed veterinarians in every state except Alaska, Hawaii and Idaho between the hours of 8 a.m. and 11 p.m. EST.

Besides answering general health and wellness questions, Chewy veterinarians can also provide clarity on the urgency of the situation, especially if you’re wondering when you need an in-person consult or if it’s time to seek emergency care. This service is available via a simple “chat now” button for logged-in auto-ship customers only.

Pet Auto-Ship with Rewards Dollars


Image: Petco.com

Service: As one of the largest pet retailers in the country, Petco carries a wide variety of pet food, including wet, dry, grain-free, human-grade and vet-authorized food. Much like Chewy, Petco also offers medications, pet supplies, grooming essentials and more for all kinds of pets.

Value: New customers will get 40% off your first Repeat Delivery order and 10% off your second and third orders.

Perks: Subscribers also get free delivery. You can take extra advantage of this perk by adding “one-time” extras to your Repeat Delivery order, then even the add-on item ships free. Repeat Delivery orders also count towards Pal Rewards Dollars; Earn $5 back for every $100 you spend.

Charitable Auto-Ship Program


Image: PetFlow.com

Service: PetFlow offers a wide variety of pet food for dogs and cats, as well as toys, treats, cleaning products, accessories and health and wellness items.

Value: New subscribers get 35% off your first auto-ship order plus 5% off recurring orders for life.

Perks: Auto-ship customers have access to exclusive discounts and promotions. Plus, for every order shipped, PetFlow will donate a bowl of pet food to a pet in need.

Pet Food Delivery with Same-Day Service


Image: PetSmart.com

Service: PetSmart is a large chain with a national footprint, allowing you to shop some of the biggest and best brands for dogs, cats, birds, reptiles and other small animals. The size and logistical know-how of this chain has allowed them to offer pretty much any type of delivery service you could ask for, including same-day.

Value: Those who opt for the standard auto-ship option to save 30% on your first order and 5% all future orders, along with free standard shipping on orders over $49.

Perks: PetSmart’s flexibility is standout when it comes to having food delivered for your pet. Besides offering a solid auto-ship program, one-click purchasing, and in-store pickup options, PetSmart has partnered with DoorDash to be able to offer free same-day delivery in many areas. If your schedule is unpredictable, using PetSmart is a great way to ensure your dog or cat always has what he or she needs.

Wendy Toth is a writer, editor and career coach. She’s also co-founder of the online pet health resource Great Pet Care. When she’s not researching a story or editing a client’s resume, she’s either running with her dog or running after her kids.

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