7 Cheap Home Security Devices for Renters


Some rental homes or apartments don’t allow for exterior changes, which can be frustrating to tenants interested in setting up a home security system. However, thanks to recent technological breakthroughs, it doesn’t have to be — home security devices (cameras, garage locks, etc.) are widely available in all forms, making the task of monitoring your home even easier. 

However, the internet is chock full of home security products, making the selection process difficult. To help you narrow down your search, ahead, are the best cheap home security devices for renters to buy. All of these devices require minimal installation and can easily be removed when you move out.

1. Best Smart Lock Home Security Device

eufy Smart Lock Touch and Wi-Fi

Image: Best Buy

If your door lock is in need of an upgrade, this smart lock will definitely come in handy — it’s easy to install and provides multiple locking options (Wi-Fi, finger print, physical key, passcode and voice recognition). More reasons why we love it, ahead. 

Why We Love It: Consider this smart lock as an investment for your rental home — setup is hassle-free thanks to included high-quality parts (screws, strike plates and deadbolts) and easy-to-follow setup videos accessible from the product app. The battery of this home security device is equally impressive; it’s completely rechargeable, and lets you know when it’s running low on juice. Plus, its keypad is also top notch — it’s highly responsive, is Alexa compatible and lights up once it’s dark out. Though, most importantly, its locking abilities are excellent — you can register multiple fingertips and PIN numbers at once, and add guests to the lock for when you are away on vacation. Basically, you’ll never have to worry about leaving your rental home unattended again. 

Promising Review: “This is my first smart door lock. So far I am very impressed. The best feature for me to use is the fingerprint sensor to lock and unlock the door. The instructions to install helped tremendously. If you need a video showing the installation, eufy and other YouTube subscribers have a how-to video online. The eufy app is easy to use. I have also added the eufy outdoor cameras, which I highly recommend. There have been a couple of times where the app would not lock the door. But that is no reason for me to bring the overall rating to 4. I would definitely purchase it again.” – Datwho

$219.99 at BestBuy.com 

2. Best Weather-Resistant Security Camera 

Blink Outdoor HD Security Camera 

Image: Amazon.com

Finally! A security camera that is actually weather-resistant. All the reasons why you should have it on hand before winter begins are below. 

Why We Love It: This is the weather-resistant camera to have if you want a camera that stands tall against the elements — it works in snow (so you can monitor snowfall), rain and even in high winds. Its sensor is also next level — recording (in day and night modes) starts when motion is detected within a distance of up to 25 feet, so you know exactly who’s coming to the door. Other perks to know about? This Blink system has its own easy-to-use app, a two-way speaker system and can be easily moved around, so you can place it near the front door or right on your rental’s balcony or patio.

Promising Review: “What an awesome product. Total install took 25 minutes. I put 3 cameras up outside to monitor my summer home. One of the cameras I placed on a pole in the yard pointing at the roof so I can monitor snowfall and the snow melt roof system. The app was friendly. I shared the app with my wife and she was up and running in 2 minutes with minimal effort. We are so happy with this wireless system.” – Greg Fields 

$99.99 at Amazon.com 

3. Best Door Stop Alarm 

EMDMAK Door Stop Alarm 

Image: Amazon.com

Whether you’re traveling, or you (or a loved one) lives alone, this easy-to-conceal doorstop-style alarm will scare away any unwanted guests from breaking into your home. 

Why We Love It: This package of two doorstop-style alarms is a gift that keeps on giving — it looks like a doorstop but boasts a powerful alarm that’s louder (even on a medium setting) than your smoke detector. It’s rubber grip ensures the device stays in place in all kinds of doors, whether it’s an apartment or out in the backyard. Plus, it is small enough to fit in purses or travel bags, so you can bring it along on your next vacation. Though its sensor is effective, it is also very sensitive, so you’ll want to be mindful of where you place it. 

Promising Review: “I got this for my elderly aunt living in a senior complex. Twice the management came in without knocking. They always say they knock but they don’t. It works great as a door stopper and alarm. An inexpensive fix for her problem without changing the lock or adding a chain plus it is loud.” – Leon Bryan 

$13.99+ at Amazon.com (available in two-pack sizes) 

4. Best Garage Door Lock 

Chamberlain MyQ Smart Garage Hub-Black 

Screen Shot 2021 08 07 at 12.29.02 PM
Image: Amazon.com

If you’re renting a home or condo with a garage, that changes your security needs from those of apartment dwellers. Garage door locks can be useful if you are the kind of person who always forgets to close the garage door (*raises hand*) once you leave the house. Not sure what kind of garage lock to choose? Here’s one affordable pick that won’t let you down. 

Why We Love It: It’s hard not to fall in love with this smart garage door lock; it’s compatible with a wide range of smartphones, and its easy-to-operate app helps you use the hub hassle-free. This lock is also compatible with most garage openers — even ones made since 1993 — so you won’t have to worry about it not working with your older garage door. Other reasons why it’s worth your time; its app allows you to check to see if the garage is open and closed wherever you are, and if open, how long the door has been opened (or closed) for. Plus, it also has auto-shutoff alarms, so you won’t have to worry about keeping unwanted intruders away. 

Promising Review: “The product works as described and I love how you can control your garage from anywhere and even notify if the door is open or closed. Overall I’m satisfied with this product and recommend it!” – Frank 

$22.99 at BestBuy.com 

5. Best Video Doorbell 

Arlo Essential 1080p Wire-Free Video Doorbell

Image: Target.com

A video doorbell can make life a lot easier when you’re away on a business trip or enjoying your cross-country vacation with the fam. They’re also easy to install. If you are looking for a doorbell to help you see what’s being dropped off at the doorstep, this just may be the video doorbell for you. 

Why We Love It: From the minute it’s removed from the box, this video doorbell is painless to set up; it easily connects to Wi-Fi and phones with no issues. The picture quality provided from this camera is clear and spacious, allowing users to see a good range of street view, even during the evening during hours. Other reasons why we love it? It has a built-in alarm for an extra layer of security and its battery life is great; it lasts for a total of 14 days once it’s fully charged. 

Promising Review: “The video doorbell not only allows us to see who is at the door without opening, but also provides us with seeing who stops by when we are not home, as well as seeing when packages are delivered so we know if anything disappears. The added security has provided us with a big relief.” – Barnette90

$199.99 at Target.com 

6. Best Light Bulb Security Camera

ZEMAIDDI Light Bulb Camera 

Image: Amazon.com

No, your eyes aren’t deceiving you, this light bulb camera can transform any interior or exterior light fixture into a concealed security camera in a matter of seconds. More reasons why to add it to your shopping cart, onward. 

Why We Love It: Don’t let its light bulb appearance fool you; this security camera is worth every penny. Yes, it’s smaller sized, and may not have as many bells and whistles as other security systems on our list, but it’s still a great choice for those living in places with stricter HOA policies (you can use it as a “porch light”) and those on a tighter budget. After all, it provides clear pictures (even in zoom view), plus real-time viewing to users, even if they are thousands of miles away from home. Yes, assembly may be difficult for those unfamiliar to light bulb-style cameras, but because it’s affordable, it’s a solid starter security camera for beginners. 

Promising Review: “Works better than a ring camera. I live where there is HOA and they have so many restrictions. I put the bulb on my patio back porch and it works excellent. It will constantly go off on your phone for a little moth flying around it at night but that’s okay with me. You can always adjust the sensitivity level to your liking. My SD card fits perfectly with no problems. Pictures and camera are clear. Enjoy it. You can tweak it to your liking.” – woovette

$31.98 at Walmart.com 

7. Best Small Stick-Up Indoor Camera

REOLINK Home Security Camera System 

Image: Amazon.com

In need of a camera system that can capture all kinds of angles? This security camera system offers continuous monitoring, rotating abilities and night vision to users. Why it’s our top indoor camera pick, below. 

Why We Love It: Yes, this security camera system is affordable. However, its price tag isn’t the only thing worth celebrating — these Wi-Fi-operated cameras can easily be rotated in several angles (355° horizontally and 50° vertically) to capture all kinds of footage. A built-in mic and speaker and night vision are other added perks; you can quickly check in on pets, and hear and see what’s going on at night. But if that doesn’t entice you, perhaps its magnetic wall mount and stationary mount might; you can easily attach the camera to the ceiling (or wherever else you may need) for incognito monitoring. 

Promising Review: “These cameras are amazing! I put one on an end table near a window. It moves up and down, and turns completely around for 360° vision. I can see my front door, the living room, the kitchen and even out the window to check on my dog. The second one scans two bedrooms that are across the hall from each other. Pictures are clear, I have two-way voice, an alarm, night vision, SD card for recordings and more. I control it from wherever I go with my iPhone.” – Gramma Linda

$69.99 at Amazon.com 

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