Last Week’s $70 Grocery Shopping Trip


These are the moments I don’t ever want to forget. The ordinary, everyday joy. Starting our mornings with family breakfasts have been one of the best memories over the summer. I’m going to miss them when school starts!

(Jesse and Kaitlynn leave for the rink before 5:30 a.m. every school morning for skating practice/lessons for her, but we’re working on creative ways to still incorporate family meals, even with multiple activities… because it’s something that is a real priority to us!)

IMG 2604

Look at this great markdown I found at Kroger! Kierstyn loves these. I bought extra to stick in the freezer.

IMG 2608

All of this was around $70.

IMG 2609 1

I was excited that strawberries were 2 lbs for $2.50!

IMG 2610
IMG 2611 1
IMG 2630

I wanted to use some of the yogurt and strawberries to make parfaits… only problem was that we didn’t have any granola! But I had oats and peanut butter and maple syrup, so I whipped up some Peanut Butter Granola.

IMG 2631

This is such an easy recipe — and it can be made in such a short time period!

IMG 2632
IMG 2636
IMG 2679 1

We LOVE waffles… especially the recipe from the Better Homes & Gardens cookbook!

IMG 2681 2

By the way, if you have milk that is past the sell by date and is starting to get a little sour, you can use it to make waffles or pancakes!

IMG 2683 2

Belgian waffles are the best!

IMG 2685 1

Kierstyn approves!

IMG 2698
IMG 2717

We used some frozen bananas we had + the strawberries + the yogurt tubes + milk to make smoothies for breakfast one morning.

IMG 2728 1

I was planning to enjoy a quiet, kid-free lunch for five minutes in my basement office one day… but she found me! ?

IMG 2738

If you haven’t tried this Banana Bread recipe, it’s one of our favorites. I used it to make banana muffins this past week.

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